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St George

Welcome to Saint George’s Class Page!


"Put on the whole armour of God, so that you may be able to stand against evil" 

 Ephesians 6:11

Who is Saint George?


George fought in the ranks of the Roman soldiers, and he became a tribune, which meant that the other soldiers recognised his bravery. But George's most important identity wasn't that of a soldier, or a Roman- it was being a Christian. Many people will say that Saint George killed a dragon but this is symbolism for George defeating evil through his virtue of faith.


George lived about 250 years after Jesus lived, and a cruel emperor named Diocletian ruled over Rome. Diocletian hated Christians and often condemned them to terrible deaths. George's soldiers noticed George wasn't worshiping the Roman Gods and George told them about Jesus. Because of his faith in Jesus, George was killed. 


George wasn't just brave as a soldier; he was brave enough to choose his faith in Jesus over his own life.


Jesus, Saint George stood against temptation because he had the armour of God. Help me be brave in my battles too. Amen.

Who will teach your child in Year 4?
Mrs Becky Carr

Year 4 Class Teacher

My name is Mrs Carr and I started at St Joseph's at Easter 2022 after 7 years in my previous school, and 2 years as a supply teacher. I am now in my 10th year of teaching and have taught all the ages in a primary school. My passion and speciality is KS2; and that is where most of my experience lies.
I currently teach an amazing, inspiring and thoughtful class of Year 4s whose virtue of love for one another is so wonderful to see.
When I am not in school, I can be found with my pony Didi, or sitting with my giant African tortoises or going for long walks with my husband.
Routines in Year 4
  • Homework will be set on a Friday and will include: spellings (to be practiced at home ready for the spellings test on Thursday), and alternating Maths or Literacy homework. Homework will be set on TEAMS and will be due in the following Wednesday.
  • Once per term, children will also have Religious Education homework.
  • In June, Year 4 sit a National Statutory Times table check. It is SO important for the children to leave Year 4 fluent in times tables and we practice as often as we can in school. Any practice at home is very welcome and rewarded with REACH points or marbles.
  • PE will be every Tuesday and Friday- please ensure your child comes into school in PE kit.
  • Reading at home is SO important for all children. We encourage children to read to an adult 5 times a week and award the children a reading point. Every 25 reading points, the children will earn a badge!
  • Each week, a child will bring home our Class Prayer bag. Within the bag, you will find a cloth (linked to our Liturgical Season), prayers and religious objects linked to the time of the year. Please use this to pray as a family.
When your child reaches Year 4, they will have had a year to settle into the routines and expectations of KS2. By now, your child will be beginning to confidently demonstrate the high expectations of KS2 to prepare them for being role models of the school by Year 6.
The children will continue to explore and embed their faith by embedding Catholic Social Teaching into their every day lives, supported by the scriptures. With Christ at the centre of all we do, we nurture the virtue of faith by sharing child written prayers; supporting the school Community; showing Stewardship; exploring the dignity of work and fundraising for charity. The children are supported in seeking inspiration from the Saints and this means they will frequently make reference to them in daily discussions. Finally, the children are taught to explore Laudato Si- a message to all of us by Pope Francis.
My hope is that your child will feel valued, heard, part of a community, and grow in confidence to be the best they can be.  The children will have a similar timetable each day, with clear rules and routines embedded from the first day. They will be encouraged to be as independent as they can, demonstrating our REACH values in all they do.
The children in Year 4 are exposed to the teachings of Jesus through a range of subjects including; Religious Education, RSHE, GREAT DREAMS and Liturgical prayers. We teach the children to love  thy neighbour, showing empathy and kindness to all around them, just as Jesus has taught them.
In June, our fabulous Year 4 children show their amazing times table knowledge in the National Statutory times tables check. We will have been working hard all year to ensure fluency and we always look forward to celebrating the success of the children and their resilience.
What the class of 2023-2024 say about Year 4:
ElliannaI like Year 4 because I love being taught by Mrs Carr.
Isabelle: I like handwriting in Year 4 because we get to practice our joined up and learn new things with handwriting.
Millie: I like PE because it is challenging us to learn new sports.
Sol: I like Maths because it is more complicated than Year 3 and we are doing 1000 numbers now!
Oliver: I love French because we are learning a different language.
Kian: I love Maths because we are now learning how to round to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000!
Emilia: I like Year 4 because we get to practice our times tables on the iPads. We enter competitions and we sometimes get to the National finals!
Finlay: I like the Maths because we have different challenges each day and I need challenges because I find them so fun!
Hebe: I really like our Geography because we have been learning about different countries with different climate zones.
Olive: I like Science because we have learned about classification and we have been classifying new species of animals!
Marmaduke: I love History and I am so excited to be learning about the Anglo Saxons soon!
Edward: I love PE because I love doing rugby, it is so fun!
What the class of 2022-2023 said about Year 4:
James: Year 4 is cool because all of the lessons are fun and Mrs Carr is a brilliant teacher!
Maya: Year 4 is really fun because we always do drawing in Art.
Bertie: Year 4 is a fun and educational year group because we always have really fun and interesting Science lessons!
Samuel: I love Year 4 because we can really excel with our writing in English!
Megan: This year in History, I really enjoyed learning about things I wouldn't have learnt about before. I really enjoyed learning about how schools and transport changed over time. I also loved learning about the Anglo Saxons.
Isla C: I really enjoyed playing in the Emile Times Table championships and learning my times tables.
Alice: I loved Year 4 because I love using bright, vibrant colours to text mark texts. It helps me learn our VCOP!
Tansy: Year 4 is unique, because we learn things in a fun way which helps us understand things really well. I have learnt that if I get something wrong, I can learn from my mistakes.
Theo: I love Year 4 because the science is really fun and we always exceed expectations.
Isla H: I like using the iPads to help with our learning.
Annabel: We learn so much! I find it really easy to work because it is peaceful and calm in our classroom.
Jed: One thing I have loved about Year 4 is that you pick up the skill of being competitive! I love competing against other schools- especially in the Times Table Championships!
Orla: I enjoy Year 4 because you can try in your own way.
Sidney: I loved doing the brush monsters this year! Mine won!

 How do I contact my child's teacher?


I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have throughout the year. You can email me at or find me on the playground at the end of the day. I am always happy to help!