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House Captains

Houses at St Joseph's
How does St Joseph's house system promote British Values?
At St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Nympsfield being part of a house is very much a part of school life and is far more that wearing a specific colour of PE t-shirt! Being in a house is about participating in a community and supporting each other. The house system here at St Joseph's is very well established with multiple generations of the same family having been in the same house. Even staff are placed in houses, which all adds to the feeling of community and healthy competition!
Children are placed in one of four houses (Eagles, Falcons, Hawks and Kestrels) in Reception class and from that moment they can start earning marbles (one marble = one house point) daily for their house. Many, if not all of these marbles are awarded when children demonstrate attitudes and behaviours that are in line with British Values or our school virtues of Faith, Hope and Love. For example, a child who is consistently showing kindness and consideration towards others is demonstrating 'Mutual Respect and Love'. Likewise those that push themselves and aspire to achieve reflect the value of 'Individual Liberty' and those that consistently respect the school rules may be rewarded with marbles for abiding by the 'Rule of Law'. Children have the opportunity to demonstrate 'Faith' in all that they do at St Joseph's but thoughtful responses and participation in liturgical prayer sessions and class prayer time may also be rewarded with house marbles. Of all of the British Values, the value of 'Democracy' is especially apparent in our house system. Every September there are year 6 House Captain elections and children in  lower years vote for the leader of their house. The role of House Captain is very varied but includes counting and presenting the house points weekly, being a role model for younger students and encouraging students to play an active role in their house - often by voting for specific house events - democracy in action! 
House Captains Academic Year Sept 23- July 24
Following some fantastic speeches and closely fought elections we now have a new group of enthusiastic house captains for this academic year. Well done to all children who put themselves forward for these roles - your confidence was lovely to see. Congratulations to the following successful candidates.
A Review of Hawks Treat
In January, Hawks enjoyed their house treat. We really enjoyed escaping the school hall and eating the delicious doughnuts. We hope to keep working hard in order to get another treat again soon, as this treat was something that we won't forget!
Please look at the photos of our treat.