The Sunday Times Top Primary Schools in UK 2023 We are delighted to have been awarded 7th best school in the South West Region and 138th Nationally.


Spring Term 1 2024

Week beginning 5.2.24

Blog written by Amelia (Digital Leader) and Rosalie

This week in year 6, we have had a cricket lesson with Charlie from all stars cricket. We were doing some catching exercises since catching is so important in cricket. We got in groups of four doing French cricket. Everyone had loads of fun doing it and had high expectations.

This week on Thursday, we had the Lent retreat. The school (and some parents) visited the different stations that Jesus had to go through and we did numerous activities including thinking about our faith, hopes, dreams and our sins. We all really enjoyed it and it was a great learning opportunity for us to learn about Jesus’ Catholic journey.

In Maths, we have been focusing on subtracting fractions, which has been a challenge. The method of always converting if you see a mixed number really helps. Mrs. Hamlin and Mrs. Knight have been very helpful when teaching us techniques when subtracting fractions. They are both very knowledgeable with Mrs. Knight and her tips and Mrs. Hamlin and her raps.

This week was mental health week, and year 6 did an activity every afternoon to help our wellbeing and us. We did a virtual hike up Mount Everest and learnt many of cool facts, and then we did some meditating to calm ourselves. It was fun and I know that everyone enjoyed it. We talked about how we felt that day and how we could make us feel better if we were not feeling that great.


From Mrs. Knight. This week Year 6 have been resilient during our changing timetable as we have had lots of opportunities to celebrate and acknowledge Children’s Mental Health Week and also Safer Internet Day. The children approached the different activities with curiosity and confidence and I have been proud of them in our final week. I hope that they all have a great half term and look forward to seeing them ready to learn and grow next term.

Week commencing 29.1.24

Written by our Digital Leaders – Spencer and Ed

 Hello and welcome to our blog! We are going to talk to you about all the things we have been doing in our subjects. These subjects include Maths and English.

In Art, we have been doing surrealist art inspired by Salvador Dali. We have been looking at images like The Persistence of Memory.

On Fridays, we have been using a music app called GarageBand with our music teacher called Salo and we are progressively getting better.

Recently, we have been resilient in Science where have been learning about shadows and we have been making shadow puppets.

We have been empathetic in Physical Education by helping our partners achieve their goals and give them hope they can do it.

In Maths, we showed confidence by doing something we had never done and we showed high expectation in ourselves.

In Geography, we have been learning about mountains and mountain ranges like Mount Everest. Did you know Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the UK at 1345 metres?

Hope you enjoyed reading our blog!

Week commencing 22.1.24

Blog written by Matilda and Evie-Mai

In Science, this week we have been doing a straw experiment where we had to see if we could see a light when the straw was bent or straight. We had to be confident and to be aware of our instructions that the teacher [Mrs. Knight] was telling us .

In Maths, we have been adding fractions and we had to be resilient because sometimes we might not be sure on how to work it out. So, first, we convert any mixed number into an improper fraction;  then if the denominators are not the same,  like 5 and 3, we have to find a common denominator like 15. After that, you times the numerator for example 5 was times by 3 to equal 15 so  the numerator [3] times 5 equals,  and then if it is an improper fraction like 22/8 into a mixed number which equals 2 and  6/8 .  

In French, we have been doing lessons and time we set ourselves high expectations when learning to do the time as it was new to some of us  like 3 o’ clock is J’ai tries heures .

In PE, we have been doing a gymnastic sequence with a partner who we had to show empathy and respect to while working with them this also inspired us to have great aspirations on enjoying gym if you didn’t like it to start with.

In Geography, we considered UK mountain ranges and which one we would visit and why .It takes a lot of hope and love to try and climb a mountain; we also learnt about mountains all across the UK.

In Art, we considered the foreground and the background and how small things are when they are further away - it is foreground [front], middle ground [middle] and a background [back].

In RE, we studied the conversion about how Saul became Paul and this helped our faith. God is a surprising and forgiving person as we learnt he gave a killer of Christians a second chance and he changed his ways.

In English, we wrote about the woodland settings and if it was a haunted, mysterious place with cobwebs or lovely and sweet with bunnies and a fairy and where it was set.

Week commencing 15th January 2024

Written by Year 6

In PE we have been doing football skills which required resilience if you had not taken part in football before.

In French we have been learning how to say school subjects and if we dislike them or like them. This requires lots of confidence as you may not be able to pronounce it properly.

In English we had 3 VCOP lessons which were: a range of sentence openers  instead of the; complex, compound or simple sentences; and a variety of  conjunctions and this encouraged us to have aspirations about making our writing better.  

In Art, we did a style of painting called surrealism. Surrealism is where you try to escape from real life and try to make it more interesting. This type of artwork needs you to have high expectations in creativity and your imagination.

In Maths, we did BIDMAS and we needed a lot of hope and faith that we could do it but we it also needed it because adding fractions is sometimes really difficult.

In Music, we had to show love, empathy, and respect to our partners even if they were struggling on how to do it. The person that teaches us is Salo, he provided us with iPads especially made for us to go on. We have Salo for the next 8 weeks.

In Science, we learnt how light travels in a straight line reflects of an object including a chair and people into your eyes.

In RE, we discussed light shining in darkness and how darkness could not overpower it. We drew a picture about this and then had to write a paragraph explaining why we drew it. We needed faith to do this.

In Geography, we learnt about mountain ranges and then we discovered new things and that there are 6 most popular mountain ranges. Mountain ranges are where there are mountains in a row .

Week commencing 8/1/24

Blog written by Year 6

In St David’s class we have been looking at St John’s prologue in RE.

Today we had our first music tech lesson which we will continue for 2 terms [ 10 weeks ]

On Tuesday we came back to school and we celebrated that we are now in the Little Ways Catholic Educational Trust and we had cake and squash if wanted.

In Maths we are doing bidmas/bodmas (brackets, indices\orders, division, multiplication, addition and subtraction).

In English we have been doing narrative texts like ‘Storm’.

In French we have been learning school subjects in school in French.


A little bit from Mrs. Knight - I am very proud of how well St David's class have returned to school; they have positive attitudes and are ready to learn and be the best that they can be. Keep REACHing in all areas - well done Year 6 :)