The Sunday Times Top Primary Schools in UK 2023 We are delighted to have been awarded 7th best school in the South West Region and 138th Nationally.


Little Way Catholic Educational Trust

'Little Acts, Great Love, Big Difference.'
Monday 8th January 2024 was an historic day for us and 5 other catholic primary schools in Gloucestershire as we celebrated becoming founding members of the Little Way Catholic Educational Trust (LWCET).

Our Trust family founding primary schools are:
Our Trust Logo
You will have seen the LWCET logo a few times now but perhaps you’d like to know where it came from and how it was created?

A logo is important to the identity of an organisation like our Trust.  It shares an important message with people.

Our logo is based on the shape of the logos of our six founding schools as well as symbolising the Little Flower – the title that was given to our patron saint: St Therese of Lisieux.  The six petals of the flower point in towards our common purpose.

Here’s the story of our LWCET logo:

St. Therese of Lisieux
St. Therese is the patron saint of our Little Way Catholic Educational Trust.
We chose St Therese because throughout her life she completed little acts with great love to make a big difference for everyone.

And so our LWCET strap line is:

St. Therese, 'The Little Flower'
St. Therese loved flowers and saw herself as the ‘little flower of Jesus’, who gave glory to God by just being her beautiful little self among all the other flowers in God's garden. Because of this beautiful analogy, the title "little flower" remained with St. Therese.
Our Trust Prayer
Dear St. Therese,
Help me to know God's great love for me,
so that I might imitate your 'little way' every day.
St. Therese; pray for us.