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Bookings and fees

Booking you child into OOSC
All bookings are made via our online booking system.
There are two types of booking: 
  • Ad hoc - for those parents/carers who need childcare before or after school on an irregular basis
  • Contract - for those who require the same sessions each week for their child(ren) for the entire academic year
Different charging structures exist for each type of booking. Please see below for further information.
Ad-hoc booking fees 
Breakfast (7.45am-8.40am): £5.00

Early afternoon (3.15pm-4.30pm): £7.50

Full afternoon: (3.15pm-6.00pm): £10.00
A late payment charge of £10 will be charged, per child, if they are collected after 6.00pm.
Payment must be made at the time of booking via childcare voucher or BACS transfer. 
Contract booking fees 
Session fees are discounted for those who commit to the same sessions each week for the entire academic year. There is no refund for non-attendance of booked sessions.
Breakfast (7.45am-8.40am): £4.00
Afternoon (3.15pm-6.00pm): £8.00
A late collection charge of £10 will be charged per child, if they are collected after 6.00pm.
Invoices will be issued on the 1st of the month for that month (i.e 1st September for September bookings).  All invoices must be settled in full during the month they are issued. Payment can be made either via childcare vouchers or via BACS transfer. 
Further details can be found in policy 4.8 Payment of Fees.