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Disability Access Fund (DAF)

The Disability Access Fund (DAF) was introduced in April 2017 to support disabled children's access to the universal hours of the early years funded entitlement.  It is to ‘enable Early Year’s Providers to anticipate and make reasonable adjustments to their provision and increase the capacity to support disabled children and children with special educational needs’.  The funds cannot be used for 1:1 support.

Providers receive £910 per eligible child per financial year and DAF can only be claimed by one provider per year.  2, 3 & 4 year olds will be eligible for the DAF if they are in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and have claimed any part of the funded entitlement at a Gloucestershire setting.  Four-year olds in primary and infant school reception classes are NOT eligible for DAF funding.


Parents must nominate the early years setting they want to receive the additional funding.


To make a claim, please send a copy of the Disability Living Allowance to  The Nursery Funding Team will check that a payment has been made for the child’s early years funded entitlement and that no other provider has already claimed the DAF in the financial year.  A payment can then be made to the nominated early years provider.