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Student Council

Welcome to the Student Council Page! 
2023 - 2024 School Council

Our Purpose

Is to Inspire Everyone to REACH through

Faith, Hope & Love

 We are the voice of the pupils.

 We will aim to find ways to improve our school and inspire the pupils to be the best they/it can be.

 To give every pupil a voice and to make all decision making fair. 

School Council Voice
Chair - Rosie
Secretary - Olivia
Y6 Rep - Pip
Each class from Y1 through to Y5 also have 2 reps each, Reception Reps will be elected after the Easter Break, this is to allow them to settle in.  All of our Y6 School Council Representatives will be guiding and assisting the younger reps, helping them to build and grow their Resilience, Empathy, Aspirations, Confidence and encouraging them to have High Expectations in all they do to assist and represent their fellow classmates.
Rosie - I'm looking forward to helping my friends.
Olivia - I like helping with Tuckshop and doing our Fruit Smoothies fundraiser in the summer.
Pip - I want to help and support my class, where and when we can.
Year 5 Reps - We are looking forward to helping and selling Tuckshop.
Year 4 Reps - We are looking forward to finishing the Prayer Garden and helping representing our class.
Year 3 Reps - We are looking forward to representing our class.
Year 2 Reps - We are happy to have been chosen by our class for School Council
Year 1 Reps - We are looking forward to helping our friends.
2022 - 2024 Big Project
Prayer Garden
For sometime now, we have regularly received requests for School Council to help with establishing a Prayer Garden here in the School grounds.  Somewhere that give's us the opportunity outside of our classrooms and the church to have quiet reflection of our faith.  We are very excited to begin work on this jointly with our Chaplaincy Team, Senior Leadership and Governors.   Also, we will jointly ensure that we follow Catholic Social Teaching and the value of Community and Participation, we are very much looking forward to being able to invite Father Philip to bless the garden and the Marist Sisters to share the garden with us once it is completed.
Oct 22
Today we joined forces with chaplaincy team to start initial discussions on a joint project for this year. We are looking forward to the year ahead !!!
Nov 22
Today we met again to discuss fundraising ideas.
Dec 22
Today we tried to decide where the Prayer Garden could go.  We eventually decided that the bottom right hand corner of the field would be the best place, as this this area would be quiet, and also allow us to see the Marist Centre, School & St Joseph's Church to help us with our reflection.
March 23
Today Y5 & 6 from School Council and Chaplaincy met to come up with a plan for Prayer Garden from all the ideas that we have gathered.  Some children stayed in the class with Mrs Barron and came up with a basic drawing, whilst everyone else went outside with Mrs Jenkins to measure the area on the field where we'd like the Prayer Garden to be.
April 23
Thanks to Mr Barron we now have a proper drawing of our ideas.  This can be seen on the School Council Noticeboard.  We shared our ideas with Mrs Howells.  We have now forwarded the plan to a gardener to get quotes.  We'll keep you updated of our progress.
Nov 23
We are currently trying to get quotes for a design so that we can then look at applying for funding.  In the meantime through Fruit Smoothies back in the summer and Tuckshop we currently have raise £300 to go towards this project.
Jan 24
We now have a quote for the work for which we are now looking at next steps for funding!
Mar 24
We are currently look at how we can redesign and revise our plans for the Prayer Garden, as our original idea is proving to be too costly.  We will keep you all posted.
School Council along with Mrs Knights Reading Ambassadors and some of the Y4 Children held a fundraiser on World Book Day, where we sold Hot Chocolates at various points across the day, and also held a ' Reading Gives you Wings' Poster competition.  In total we raised a total of £247 which has been split evenly between School Council/Chaplaincy for the Prayer Garden and Mrs Knight's Reading Ambassadors and Y4 for more books for the School Library.  We massively underestimated how popular the Hot Chocolates would be, and would like to say a huge Thank you to all our Parents/Carers and children for your incredible support! 








All bags are 30g, if your bag appears to have less than your friends, then your fruit is bigger and plumper!

Why are our bags 30g?

Our bags are 30g as 30g of dried fruit is equal to 1 of your 5 a day! 

In keeping with Catholic Social Teaching, as stewards of earth, we endeavour to ensure that all our fruit is ethically sourced by Fairtrade companies, or from suppliers who pay farmers a fair price for their produce or give back in other ways to communities where the fruit is grown. We purchase our paper bags from a company who guarantee a Carbon Zero Footprint.  We also encourage our classmates to recycle the bags in the recycling bins in their classrooms. 


The small profit we make will be added to the funds raised for our new Prayer Garden, this is our big project for this School Year, which we are working jointly on with the Chaplaincy Team!


For the School Year 2022-2023 Tuckshop & Fruit Smoothies during Health Week raised £290 towards the Prayer Garden, thank you for your support!

On March 7th 2024, World Book Day, School Council along with the Reading Ambassadors and Y4 sold Hot Chocolates at various points across the day, we massively underestimated how popular this would be! We were very fortunate to have all the cups, hot chocolate, vegan hot chocolate, tea, coffee, sugar, soya milk & milk donated.  Along with other donations from parents/carers on the day we raised an amazing £220 just from the Hot Chocolate, and a further £27 from the 'Reading Gives You Wings' Poster competition that the Reading Ambassadors ran.  This money has been split evenly between Reading Ambassadors/Y4 and School Council, with our £123.50 going towards our joint project with the Chaplaincy Team for the Prayer Garden.

Thank you for your incredible support!