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St Teresa

Welcome to Saint Teresa's Class page!
"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled."
Matthew 5:6
Dressed in a blue and white habit, which is a type of religious clothing, Teresa walked the streets of the city of Kolkata, ready to met the needs of the hungry people. Teresa knew that Jesus heard the cries of the poor, and she left her family at age 18 to become a missionary.  Teresa served Jesus by helping the poorest of the poor, even when she was in need herself. Teresa struggled to feel the love of God. She chose to have faith that He loved her, even when she felt like He wasn't there. At the time of her death, four thousand  other women had joined her organization, missionaries of charity, and the world knew and loved her as "Mother Teresa." 
Interestingly, Saint Teresa of Kolkata received the Nobel peace prize, but she donated all the money!
A moment of reflection:
Jesus, Saint Teresa of Kolkata served the poor because You loved them. Show me how I can help those in need in my community.  

St Teresa

Who will be teaching and supporting your child in Year 5? 

Mrs Becky Carr

Class Teacher

My name is Mrs Carr and I started at St Joseph's at Easter 2022 after 7 years in my previous school, and 2 years as a supply teacher. I am now in my 10th year of teaching and have taught all the ages in a primary school. My passion and speciality is KS2; and that is where most of my experience lies.

I currently teach an amazing, inspiring and thoughtful class of Year 5s whose virtue of love for one another is so wonderful to see.

When I am not in school, I can be found with my pony Didi, or sitting with my giant African tortoises or going for long walks with my husband.

Mrs Katherine Piper


Mrs Joanna Beaven


Routines in Year 5:
  • Saint Teresa's homework will be set on a Friday, this will include: Spellings (green book) – These will need to be practiced at home ready for a test every Thursday. One other piece of homework will be set on Teams, this could be Grammar, Maths, English, Topic or RE work. This all needs to be completed and submitted/handed back in on the following Wednesday.
  • PE will happen every Thursday and Friday. The children should come to school wearing their PE kit. 
  • Outdoor learning or gardening will happen every Friday, so the children will need wellies/waterproof shoes and wet weather gear, as we will always try to go our regardless of the weather! 
  • Reading at home is really important for all children. Children will be rewarded marbles if they read at home five times a week.
  • Each week, a child will bring home our class Prayer Bag. Within the bag, you will find a cloth (linked to our Liturgical Season), prayers and religious objects linked to the time of the year. Please use this to pray together as a family.

What is it like to be a child in Year 5 at St Joseph's?

When your child reaches Year 5, they are in their penultimate year before they leave for secondary school. With this, comes a step up in their academic endeavors, where we prepare them for what to expect come Year 6. The aim for the children is to head into Year 6, where they will consolidate what they have learnt throughout their academic journey at St. Joseph’s. Within the year, children will be expected to step up; holding a combination of nurturing roles and responsibilities, making sure they are following of modelling our school mission statement to inspire everyone to REACH through our virtues of faith, hope and love.


The children continue to grow in their faith by embedding Catholic Social Teaching in their daily lives, rooted in the gospel. Children have demonstrated that they work as a community and come together to participate in a variety of ways. For example, planning their own fundraising opportunities, singing in the local community, linking up with others schools for trips and supporting the local community and parish.


Within my classroom, I endeavor to ensure all my children feel loved, unique and special and that their individual talents are celebrated. Every child is seen as a valued member of the class where they are nurtured in a calm and creative manner. The children work incredibly hard throughout the school day, following a similar timetable daily. This includes: Group Reading, Maths, Spellings, Liturgical Prayer, Writing, Maths on Track (MOT) and afternoon subjects such as History, Geography, PSHE, Art, Music, Science, French, Computing and DT.


The children in Year 5 experience Christ at the heart of the school, which comes through from a range of subjects such as Religious Education; Relationships and Health Education (RHE); Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education and GREAT DREAMs. Children permeate the qualities and values of resilience, empathy, aspirational, confidence, high expectations.


Year 5 is full of many experiences, activities and privileges. Some of the things the children can expect to take part in is the Annual science festival, Harvest, Carol concert, historical trips, Geographical experiences, cooking, roasting marshmallows on an open fire and a beach trip. Not only this, but I am always quick to snap up experiences offered by local companies and organisations.


With a jam packed year, the children of Year 5 are sure to take enjoyment from their work and experiences, helping to shape them into well-round individuals who have the confidence and knowledge to succeed outside of school. Every child is seen as an individual in their own right, with their unique individual needs being support and developed. Every children is on their own journey being nurtured and guided in a way that suits them, not as a group but as the special and unique individual they are. 


What do the new cohort have to say about being in Year 5 so far?
Alice - I enjoy the opportunity to be creative.
Samuel - I enjoy the things we do in PE, especially gymnastics.
Tansy - I like the choice of books that we can read. There is always a teacher to help if you are finding something difficult.
Grace - I like the fun activities we do especially art.
James - The teachers are always kind, caring and make sure everyone is happy.
Megan - I like that the teachers help you improve and challenge you to push yourself to be the best you can be.
Charlotte - I am really enjoying art and creative activities.
Hannah - I've enjoyed learning about climate change.
Arthur - I like learning different things, especially in science where we are learning about space.
Kacper - I enjoyed making posters about climate change.
Rory - I like learning to do harder work.
Bertie - I enjoy the good quality lessons especially maths.

How do I contact my child's teacher?

Our relationships with our families is very important to us and we are more than happy to answer any questions/concerns you may have throughout the school year.

You can email your Class Teacher via or you can catch us on the playground after school. We are always happy to help!

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