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Autumn Term 1

St. Teresa's Class Blog
Autumn Term 1
Week 7: WB 16.10.2023
What did we do this week? Oh yes, we went on the most incredible trip to Wycliffe for a STEM day. We are sure we have personally told you all our favourite parts of the day, but here's a quick outline for you. We:
  • Watched a talk in the Chapel all about shape and smoke rings (maths focus)- we also learnt a great trick you can do with your arm. You will have to ask us about it. 
  • Watched a talk in Sibley hall all about superhero' and the qualities they have linked to real science(physics).
  • Took part in a range of workshops based on physics, chemistry, biology and maths.
Please ask about the different workshops we took part in and let us show you mathematical card tricks. 
It's safe to say we had a wonderful day and came back buzzing for science and maths! Mrs Hathaway wanted you to know how blown away she was with our questions, responses and overall enthusiasm for the day. She said she couldn't have been more proud of how well we represented St. Joseph's REAChing throughout the day being the best that we can be.  
Our week did not stop there. We then took part in the KS2 Harvest Celebration, where many of our loved ones came to watch a moving celebration of why we celebrate harvest. I think we even brought a tear to a few peoples eye, after our rendition of 'colours of the wind'. For those of you who did not make it, Mrs Hathaway has done a recording which will be available to watch/listen to soon on our blog. 
Not only this but we have enjoyed our maths and English lessons. In maths, we have been doing the nets of cubes and cuboids. We enjoyed getting practical and trying to work out whether the nets we were given could actually make a net of a cube.  In English, we have been bugging Mrs Hathaway all week to know when we get to continue to learn the next part of the Beowulf story through the eyes of Grendel's mother. She assures us next week is when this will happen.
This week, we have demonstrated our school virtues of Faith, Hope and Love throughout the many experiences, performances and lessons we have taken part in. 
Week 5: WB 2.10.2023
Wow- what a week we have had. We are loving our current science unit all about Earth and Space. Not only are we getting to do science every Monday, but Mrs. Hathaway has woven it into our current English unit, which are delighted about. We have started writing our non-chronological reports based on Pluto and the fact it is know as a dwarf planet. We feel this is rather unfair! We have blown Mrs. Hathaway away so far with our writing demonstrating confidence and high expectations. 
In Geography this week, we have been learning all about scaled maps and which maps are best to use and the reason behind our opinions. Through discussions, we were able to explain what was good about different maps and what was as good and why. Throughout this lesson, we use the Catholic Social Teaching principle of human dignity to help guide us in our discussion and consider how maps can keep us safe and how different makes can help different groups of people.
In music this week, we played 'Livin on a Prayer' for the first time as a whole song. Putting into practice all the notes we have been learning in our previous music lessons. We can't wait to show you our recorder skills when we record ourselves next week. Over the last few weeks, we have had to show resilience, but it has been worth it to hear that we can now actually play the song on the recorder!
In MOT(Maths on track lessons), we got to complete a deepen it task using the dice- it is safe to say we love getting to use different dice Mrs. Hathaway has in her draw.
Week 4: WB 25.09.2023
This week we have been learning about negative numbers in our Maths lessons. We have also been learning some new VCOP. Mrs Hathaway assures us that we will be masters at the end of the year- but for that to come true we have to show resilience  by persevering, as we begin to get our heads around it. We have also really enjoyed the map work based on our Geography unit 'Amazing America's'. 
It was so lovely to meet the new Father Philip in our start of year whole school Mass. He really engaged with us and help us to really understand the Homily. He even finished getting dressed for Mass during it, so we can see all the parts of what he wears.
We also had a fabulous opportunity to learn some first aid from some Expert visitors to the school. We worked well together to learn skills, such as the recovery position and chest compressions. During this session, we showed our REACH values of empathy and confidence whist learning a new skills.
1. This week letters went home for our local science trip. We are super excited and can not wait to develop our science skills whilst REACHing through the day to be the best that we can be. Please fill in the attached slip so that Mrs Hathaway has time to organise if unable to drop off or collect.
2. Congratulations to our new class reps for eco-committee and school council. It was a close vote on both accounts, but we know this year victors, we be our voice for whole school matters.
School Council: James and Hannah.
Eco-committee: Tansy and Violet
Week 3: WB 18.09.2023
This week, we have loved creating our own fantasy stories based on the opening to Alice and Wonderland. Mrs. Hathaway loves to read our work out loud, bringing our writing to life. She inspired us to mirror how she brought some our our writing to life by getting us to read our stories to our table developing our prosody.
We were tasked with creating posters, that we used to go on a Co-Creator's March(climate protest). We went around the playground and field and then shared our motivating speeches based on our jobs as stewards of the earth with the class.
Channeling our Virtue of Love, we discussed what makes us special and unique. We talked about how each of us is important and has something to offer. We then linked this to the message from God that we are all made in his image and likeness
Take a look as us reading our own stories to each other below. There will be more photo's to follow....
Week 2: WB 11.9.2023
Our minds were blown this week, when we used the apparatus in our PE lesson. You can tell from our faces that we had lots of fun developing new skills. When it came to balancing and using our strength, it was clear we needed to draw on our REACH values to help us persevere and show resilience as we mastered different skills.
Furthermore we showed our Virtue of Love. In gardening, we helped to clear and nurture new life, whilst loving being outdoors taking in the fresh air. Take a look at our antics below!
Week 1: WB 4.09.2023
Having settled into Year 5 life, we have delved straight into Music learning the song 'Livin' on a prayer' demonstrating our core value of confidence
Not only this, but we have blown Mrs. Hathaway away with our amazing writing in English showing how we REACH in everything we do! We loved seeing how happy Mrs. Hathaway was with our big writes demonstrating how much we already know; she couldn't stop smiling. We are definitely ticking the ACHIEVE box from our REACH values already.
We cannot wait to take on everything Year 5 has to offer. It is obvious we often get carried away with our learning and forget to take pictures; however, never fear we have a plan to help Mrs. Hathaway to capture all the fun and amazing learning we have and will get up to. 
Enjoy looking through a few pictures below, where we demonstrate how we aspire to REACH through everything we do.