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PSHE and Citizenship

Overview of PSHE for each year group

Personal, Social and Health Education form part of the National Curriculum. The aim is to help children and young people develop fully as individuals and as members of families and social and economic communities. Although there is a planned approach to the teaching of PSHE, sometimes themes/discssions are based on the experiences and enquiries that are raised by the children.
Mental Health and Wellbeing - Supporting the wellbeing of children
In addition to our PSHE curriculum, at St Joseph's we want to ensure that the children are given additional  time to practice skills that will enable them to actively look after their mental health.

Citizenship Skills 

We have created Citizenships Skills as our  Mental Health initiative focusing on empowering children to lead a life that is well balanced. 

We encourage the children to take responsibility for ensuring that they undertake activities that support their wellbeing that focus on four main strands -  kindness, confidence, resilience and curiosity. This is centered on weekly timetabled activities supporting the children to have GREAT DREAMs:

Giving -         Do something for someone
Relating -      Think about other people’s feelings
Exercising -   Do something energetic
Awareness -  Try to learn something new
Trying out -   Try something different  
Direction -    Think of something you want to do
Resilience -   Bounce back when something doesn’t go right
Emotions -    Think about what is good in your life
Acceptance - You are unique—be kind to yourself
Meaning -      Do something nice with your family or friends

We immerse the children in weekly activities that will provide them with new skills and challenge existing coping strategies, as well as asking children to reflect on these by thinking about what they have achieved throughout the week. 

Each class uses a  ‘Wellness Wall’. to promote and guide children to improve their mental health. 

Citizenship Skills at Playtimes

The four key strands of wellbeing are reflected in the activities offered to our children at playtimes. Citizenship Skills Awards are awarded when the children when they have identified what they have done to support their wellbeing. 

A weekly citizenship assembly takes place to celebrate the children’s successes and share examples of what they have achieved towards their GREAT DREAMs with a rewards system to acknowledge them.  

PACE and Restorative Practice - At St Joseph’s, staff  use the P.A.C.E approach to help rebuild and improve children’s self-esteem.  Within all areas of school life, restorative practice has been imbedded to support children when things ‘go wrong’.  Staff are aware of key questions to ask which will support the children to solve conflict and problems in a calm environment to explore what happened without blame or judgement. All staff carry key questions to ask in the event of conflict and support posters are also in the classroom displayed on the ‘Wellness Wall’. 

One to One Support & Group Sessions  - At St Joseph's we will offer support when it is needed. Our Pastoral Lead is a fully qualified Drawing and Talking Practitioner and can offer support to children who may benefit.