The Sunday Times Top Primary Schools in UK 2023 We are delighted to have been awarded 7th best school in the South West Region and 138th Nationally.


St Joseph's Legacy

The St Joseph's legacy is one that we hope is passed on through generations. It can take many forms. Our legacy is our faith and core values which comes from our character, reputation and the Catholic life we lead and immerse our children in. Every member of our school family (staff, governors, parents, children, our priest, our parish etc) set an example for others to guide and shape our future. It is the long-lasting impact of particular events that we hold and the action that we take in our wider community.
Please also see our Catholic Social Teaching page for how we embed our values, providing support and help for our wider community, rooted in scripture.
Please see what others have to say about our St Joseph's family below:

"Honestly, the children's thirst for information and enthusiasm has left me stunned - A first in over 45 years of being involved with the site. I saw today the same excitemnt that I felt myself all those years ago when I wandered into that very special place. It's me, who wishes to 'thank you'. The children are a credit to you and your school, you should be so proud of them. They were a joy to spend time with."

Paul, A tour guide from a recent trip (May 2023)
"I came to be a chaplain to the Marian Sisters in September 2022 and so have been a close neighbour to St Joseph's school for 8 months. In that time, I have attended the special assemblies for Harvest and Remembrance Day and have participated in the retreats for Advent and Lent. I have also said Mass in the convent chapel a number of times at which members of the school have been present.
My overall impression of the school is that it is a happy place. I was impressed to see at the retreats how well the children knew the stories of Christmas and Easter and the meaning behind these events. The retreats were pupil led and all the children seemed eager to answer questions when asked. What struck me most is how the older pupils look out for and look after the younger pupils. This was quite moving for me to see.
The staff came across as caring and committed to the children in their care and the headmistress is very hard working.
Just being a neighbour gives one a sense of how the school is and I know a parent who has moved her children to St Joseph's from another school because of St Joseph's reputation and Catholic identity. The school brings life to the village and is part of the village. The contact with the sisters of the convent is good and the sisters would like to build on that.
It has been a pleasure to get to know the school in these last 8 months and I wish it all God's blessings for the future."
Fr. Joseph Delargy
Mount St. Bernard Abbey

"I have always found everyone very friendly and helpful. The children are so polite and respectful and really enjoy reading to Drizzle. I find St Joseph's a very happy environment."

Julia, Pets as Therapy