The Sunday Times Top Primary Schools in UK 2023 We are delighted to have been awarded 7th best school in the South West Region and 138th Nationally.


Spring 1 2024

Week beginning 5th February
Child mental health week!
This week we have been looking at all things Mental health!

We have created beautiful motivational cards to go on our wellness board to give a boost to others. We also wrote about a time someone was kind to us to make sure we all felt noticed. After all, the theme is my voice matters!
We kept our bodies active by doing some swimming on Tuesday and some cricket and hockey on Friday. We love doing sport in Year 4!
We learned to safeguard our Mental health with Internet Safety Day, with a visit from the PCSOs and some Internet safety activities. Please read the letter from the school really carefully about being safe online!
On Thursday we had the Lent retreat to nourish our spiritual health too. We were guided through the Easter journey and had plenty of chances to reflect.
In the spirit of Mental Health week, we would like to share this prayer with you:
Dear God,
Give us peace to pray,
Give us courage to do what we must,
Give us kindness,
Like your Son taught us to.
(by Marmaduke).
A note from Mrs Carr:
I have been so impressed with the kindness, love and focus the children have shown this week. They have gone over and above every day this week and I am so proud of them! Have an amazing half term Year 4!
Week beginning 29th January
Last week, we left you in suspense about our Outdoor learning activity! Well, in Art, we have been learning about portraits. So we used our lovely Outdoor learning area to find natural things, and then used them to make our own portraits! We were really pleased with our finished portraits and then returned all the things we used back to where we found them! We then went back into the classroom and learned how to sketch a face. After we had done that, we walked around the classroom admiring the drawings like an art gallery!
This week, we have been super busy with our learning! We have been super confident with column subtraction in Maths, singular possessive apostrophes in English, planning an investigation in Science and learning about the Transfiguration of Jesus in Religious Education.
On top of that, we have been continuing our learning of the violin! We can now play the D and A string with a bow AND to music!
In Class prayers, we updated our prayer sheet for our daily prayers. Each blog, we will share a new one with you.

A prayer to St George- by Marmaduke

Dear St George,

Help us to strive through the day,

With our heads held high,

For love gives us strength,

As you did through the power of God,

Help us to slay the evil that will possess us if it had the chance,

But it will not, for you give us strength to resist it.

St George, pray for us.


Week beginning 22nd January
What a wonderful week we have had, with 100% attendance this week! WOO!
In Science, we were confidently making series circuits and then learning how switches work. We had great fun watching how a switch affected the light bulb!
In Geography, we used apple maps to explore European countries far from us and then our local area. We were fascinated by the detail and could see many examples of physical and human geography features.
We took part in another Emile Times Table competition with schools in the South West. We finished SECOND! What was really impressive, was our overall accuracy percentage. In September it was 65.4%, in November it was 76.9% and this time round it was 81.5%!! Keep learning those times tables!!
But the big talking point was our class "Look who's talking" heats. We all carefully wrote and prepared speeches about a given topic, then we stood up in front of our class to perform. Everyone spoke so confidently- poor Mrs Carr had such a tricky choice!
Olive was the winner- with her awesome talk about elephants!
We are off to do some Outdoor learning later- we will update you about that next week!
Week beginning 15th January
Another busy week for us!
In Literacy, we started our unit on explanation texts. We enjoyed learning about the Water cycle and how a hot air balloon works. We also then invented our own machine and wrote an explanation text about that. Some children were using really ambitious vocabulary and punctuation; inspired by things they have read! It really goes to show that reading gives you wings and is so important when improving writing.
In Science, we had a go at making our own series circuit. It took a lot of fiddling to get the bulb to light up!
On Tuesday, we went for our first swimming lesson! Very exciting!
We also started our Geography unit about Europe. How many countries are there in Europe? We know now as we spent an afternoon finding them in an atlas! We also found some facts about them too!
On Friday, after a cold stretch, we investigated the question "Why are some parts of the field frostier than others?"
We really enjoyed thinking about this and working our scientific enquiry skills. Which explanation do you agree with? (See pictures).
Just a reminder that Wednesday 24th is our class heats for the Oracy competition so don't forget to practice!
Week beginning 8th January 2024
Happy New Year! Welcome to 2024!
We have had an amazing short week! 
We started with Tuesday- a HUGE celebration about becoming part of the Little Way Catholic Educational Trust. We made some beautiful pieces of art, had a TEAMS call with our partner class, ate some cake and learnt about our Patron Saint- St Therese of Lisieux. What a brilliant way to start the term!
We continued our learning by starting some new topics. We drew a portrait in art; we looked at explanation texts in literacy; we understood how to keep ourselves safe in science as we look at electricity and then in RE we looked at how angels are messengers of God.
Friday was a very exciting day too because we started our first violin lessons! We learnt a song using the notes D and A!
Our homework this week is our Oracy competition practice. It is on TEAMS but in case you miss it, we need to write a short verbal presentation about ANYTHING we can talk about. On Wednesday 24th we will be presenting in class.
Happy first week back, have a great weekend!