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Summer Term 1 2024

Week commencing 13/5/24

Written by Mrs Knight

SATS week done! Our Year 6 children have made us very proud this week as they have demonstrated all of our REACH values and have been the 'best that we can be'.

 The SATS breakfast was an absolute hit with the children enjoying a selection of items from fruit, yoghurts, toast and cereal to croissants and sausage sandwiches – an excellent way to start the day.

Our mornings have been test based with longer breaks on the log trail and then playing whole class tag. Then afternoons have been Maths poster revision guides, quizzes, Reading for Pleasure, PE and Computing using Scratch.

We have ended our week with our show reveal. This year’s show is…MOANA! We are so excited to be working with Sarah from Dazzle again this year (auditions will be Tuesday next week). Then we watched the film with popcorn and sweets. For lunch, we had an enormous buffet and picnic on the playground – thank you for all the contributions. Staff and children came and enjoyed a feast! Finally, we ended the day with tennis and the sun shone! A perfect way to end a busy week for our Year 6 children. What super stars they are!

Please don’t forget that next week is bike ability!

Week commencing 6/5/24


MATHS - this week we have been doing different SATs practice tests to prepare for next week. On Friday, we did a fun little game/Maths competition.

PE- in PE we have been doing some tennis and working on our technique. In addition, we have been learning to pass the ball to each other and not WHACKING the ball as hard as we can!

ENGLISH- in English we have been doing reported speech/direct speech. We have also written our own newspaper reports on a lighthouse breakdown.

REACH ACTIVITY- in our reach activity we have been learning about children’s rights and how people in Sierra Leone need new toilets/ pit latrines and more water pumps.  

GEOGRAPHY- in Geography we have been learning about the Earth’s volcanos and earthquakes. We made volcano fortune tellers/origami on Wednesday so that we understood more about what a volcano is. It was a very fun to do as well as difficult for some so we had to be resilient.

VISITORS- on Friday 10th may we had a visitor from Hearing Dogs For Deaf People come in to talk to us about how deaf people use hearing dogs to alert them when needed. This is because this week has been deaf awareness week. Our empathy skills were useful here.

On Friday, we were able to listen to our final music songs from our Garage Band session. We all had different tunes and they were very cool and unique to listen to!


Week commencing 3/5/24

Blog written by Ed and Pippen

In English, we finished our free verse poems and moved on to newspapers - The Hobbit. The main character is called Bilbo Baggins, who is very well to do; although hobbits rarely go on adventures, he did! His cousins wanted to declare him dead so they would get his house and the fortune because he was away for a while (hobbits are very selfish and just write letters).

In Geography, we have been learning about earthquakes and tectonic plates and how earthquakes can be formed by friction. We also learnt about volcanoes and that tectonic plates push up together forcing earth to go up. Then high-pressured gas forces the dome off.

For maths, we are doing SATS papers so we are ready for the SATS as well as for secondary school ; it is quite fun!

With Steph and Ollie, (our PE coaches) we have started learning tennis. On the other hand, with Mrs Hamlin (Teaching Assistant) we did cricket.

For Religious Education, we have been learning about funerals. In a funeral, holy water is sprinkled on the coffin and a pall is covered over it. During this a liturgy is read about this person’s life; it is not a time for mourning (although it can be) but for Catholics is a celebration for wishing a person eternal life in heaven.

In Science we have been learning about micro-organisms; the different types are fungi (yeast), bacteria and viruses (corona virus).

In Group Reading, we are doing skim and scan exercises, which consists of going through as fast as you van while looking for words.

 In RHE, we have been learning about the world of work.

Finally, our book that we are reading a book called Holes by Louis Sachar. This book is about a boy called Stanley and he goes to a lake camp. Thinking it’s a place he will learn to swim he is very excited. Little does he know he will be doing quite the opposite for the rest of his life…

From Mrs. Knight…

The children have made me feel proud again this week with their resilience and confidence approaching activities. They showed empathy during our REACH session linked to the Rights of Children. In Computing, they were resilient when finding, copying and pasting copyright free images for their webpage designs. When we looked at the World of Work during RHE, they were aspirational when considering how they will achieve their ‘dream job’. We finished the week off with a reading for pleasure session :).

Have a relaxing bank holiday weekend and we will see the children raring to go on Tuesday.

Week commencing 22.4.24

This week has been jam packed full of activities.

In English this week, we have been exploring free verse poetry and using figurative language – the children have shown empathy and understanding when looking at a selection of poems. It was fantastic to read some of their work and look at how much thought had gone into their ideas and word choices.

We have been looking at statistics in Maths, interpreting, and constructing a variety of graphs including pie charts and line graphs. The class had to be resilient when looking at timetables as the 24 hour clock is something that many of us find difficult; it is important as we move on to secondary school that we can read a timetable for catching a bus!

We had a Geography - fieldwork/Outdoor Learning session this week where we were litter picking around and on the school grounds. The children were amazed at how much rubbish we found! We are going to be using this data to create a line graph and consider the mean number of rubbish items. Here we were showing love for our common home ensuring that our area was litter free.

PE has been great fun this week with the children’s bowling, batting and fielding skills developing each time we do cricket. They are being to think about which bowling style suits them – over arm or under arm and where to position themselves when they are fielding. Some of us have shown high expectations and confidence using and applying our skills.

Week commencing 12.4.24

Blog written by Evie-Mai and Imogen

NSPCC – On Thursday, we had staff from the NSPCC/Childline come in to talk to us about speaking out and staying safe. The childline phone number is, 08001111.

PE – In PE this week we have been doing cricket as well as practicing catching and throwing.

English – In English this week we have been doing complaint letters and reading/SPAG tests in preparation for SATs.

Maths- In Maths, we have been learning to do algebraic terms in linear sequences and finding different missing numbers. It has been very tricky for some people and easy for others. We had to be very resilient this week.

RHE- In RHE we have done First Aid. We learnt the recovery position and what DR ABC [danger, response, airway, breathing, circulation] meant.

Topic Work- In Topic we learned about Migrants, asylum seekers and refugees . We also learnt the difference between these people and what they were. We also made posters acting as welcome signs to Ukrainian people.

Week commencing 8.4.24

What a fantastic first week back – we’ve been REACHing in all we do. The children have come back ready for the challenges of term 5 in Year 6 - this has been great.

This week we have shown our confidence when writing letters in English – we wrote a thank you letter and we have planned our letters of complaint for next week.

In Maths, we have started to tackle a new topic – algebra and the children have had to be resilient as this is something that many of them have not done before. We have been recapping 2D and 3D shapes this week too and helping each other to recall facts relating to these.

In Art, the children completed their surreal paintings and they had high expectations of themselves as they were given one lesson to complete these. Everyone succeeded and some of these will be put up for display.

We have started a new Science unit linked to animals, plants and classification. The children recalled what they knew about this from previous years and we have started to build on their scientific knowledge considering why we need classification and what the exceptions are to certain rules.

Our exploration of the Easter story has started in RE and we have shown empathy for those people in the scripture who were confused and amazed by Jesus’s resurrection. We have compared the 4 gospel recounts of the event, and considered similarities and differences between these bible extracts.

The children have started their REACH activity this term – it is linked to Children’s Rights. We considered what children need (and how some children in the world don’t have certain things) and how this compares to things that we want. It has made lots of us stop and think about our neighbours across the world and how fortunate and lucky we are that we have all of our needs met.

A great first week back overall - well done St David's Class. 

Week commencing 20.5.24
Written by Mrs. Knight
We've had a full on week in Year 6! The STEM Knex finalist competition, Moana auditions/rehearsals and Bike Ability! How proud I am of all the children. We have shown confidence, true empathy and been aspirational during the auditions process for Moana and we now have our roles assigned. They have started to rehearse and many people have realised how special it is and how much everyone gets to do regardless of the part that they were given. It really is one of the best parts of Year 6! 
Roxi and Rosie represented us at Renishaw this week and competed in the final competition. They showed determination and resilience when they were building their model and although they didn't win they were the best that they could be. Thank you to Ms Maltby for taking them too.
Bike ability was fantastic this year will all children securing level 2 and practising their skills out on the road. They received badges, booklets and certificates in our celebration assembly today.
I hope that the whole class has a brilliant half term and a well earned rest as they all deserve it.