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Summer Term 2 2024

Week commencing 10/6/24
Blog written by Mrs Knight.
Just a short blog today! We have had a busy week in St David's class: Maths challenges to get us ready for secondary school; learning about the double pump system in our hearts; rehearsals for the play (it is looking so good!); considering our Make £5 Grow projects; and finally our leavers mass at Clifton Cathedral. The Year 6 have been REACHing and being the best that they can be this week - well done everyone!

Week commencing 3/6/24

Blog written by Evie-Mai and Cian

During English this week, we wrote a short story about a topic of our choice.

This week we have been practicing the Year 6 play which MOANA. We have done the prologue, scene 2, scene 3 and 4. During the play rehearsal, we had to learn a completely new language, which was difficult so people had to show confidence, resilience and empathy to those who found it difficult and struggled. We also had fun singing the songs and learning our lines.

In Maths, we have done a project called moving on up to get us ready for maths in secondary school. We were inspired to be aspirational during every maths lesson this week.

In PE, we have been doing bench ball and rounders for our upcoming rounders tournament.

We are planning to set up stores for are reach activity known as make £5 grow.

In MOT, we have been going over fractions and decimals, to refresh our memories.

Throughout this whole week, we had to set ourselves high expectations to inspire ourselves to work as focused and determined to finish are work and to listen to instructions.