The Sunday Times Top Primary Schools in UK 2023 We are delighted to have been awarded 7th best school in the South West Region and 138th Nationally.


Spring Term 2 2024

Week Commencing 11.3.24

This week the class have been incredibly busy as it has been Science Week and we have also been on a trip. I feel that we have been showing all of our REACH values this week. We have had lots of aspirational people in, and we have had a high level of confidence whilst doing several activities such as creating fan boats. Here, we also needed resilience, as some elements were tricky!

Here are some of the quotes from the children about our week…

Alex – I liked doing the fan boats as it was quite a challenge for me.

Amelia – Going to Skillzone was great because it was fun to interact with all the scenarios that could happen.

Pippa – I loved going to Skillzone because we got to do loads of different tasks that we would have to do in the future and we got to learn lots of different experiences such as prison.

Ed – Skillzone was exciting, as we got to experience things that might happen in our life.

Lillie – The thing that I particularly enjoyed was Skillzone because I liked learning about all of the different scenarios and stuff that could happen in people’s lives and how it could happen.

Jacob – Everything was good at Skillzone!

Olivia – The courtroom in Skillzone was amazing.

Rosalie – This week I really enjoyed listening to Mr.Carr’s science talk.

Raffy – On Wednesday, I really enjoyed designing and making the fan boats as design things is what I would like to do when I am older as a job.

Week commencing 4th March 2024

Blog written by Theo and Roxi

Math- we have been learning about ratio and percentages of amounts and how can link to everyday jobs. 

Literacy- we have been making our own stories based on a short clip called Monkey Symphony

MOT- we have been doing papers about place value and decimals.

World Book day- On World Book Day we came in our pyjamas and got to bring our favourite books and books to trade with other books; we also could bring in teddy blankets and pillows for the two reading sessions that parents could come too we got to write and draw our own reading space

RE-in RE we have been learning about Lent and the widows offering which reminds us to give all we can.

History- in History we have been learning about the slave trade and how people were transported on boats in horrific conditions.  

Science- in Science we have been learning about Charles Darwin and his Finches as well as cross breeding and selective breeding.

PE- in PE we have been learning how to dance to our song (The Greatest Show) and we have now completed our dance. We will be practising and sharing it with the school soon.

Music- in music we have been learning how to create music on an iPad – we’re still working on our final song.

Mock trial- at the mock trial we went into a fake courtroom and impersonated different roles (we sadly lost the case).

Art- in Art we have been doing our surrealist art onto sugar paper; all of our art is from our imagination!

Outdoor Learning - we have been doing bird watching outside and recording it on a sheet then turning it into a bar model and analysing what we found.

Week commencing 26.2.24

Blog post written by Lauren and Imogen

This week in St David’s class we have been doing:

Maths- In maths this week we have been doing percentages and SATS reasoning papers which some of us find very hard as it’s very complicated.

English- This week we have done more SATS papers as well as some VCOP lessons, where we learnt about direct speech in a more complicated form and openers in a different way.

Religious Education- This week we have been focusing on the liturgical season of Lent, a period of 40 days that starts on Ash Wednesday and ends on Good Friday.

Science- In this lesson we did an experiment using rice linking to adaptation. We used implements imitating birds beaks and had to pick things up with them.

PE- In PE we are learning a dance to the song The Greatest Show from the Greatest Showman. It is very fun and the film is also very inspiring. On Tuesday, we make gymnastic routines with partners and show the class.

MOT- In MOT we are focusing on problem solving with partners. We have to be very resilient because sometimes it is very difficult.

Music- Every Friday we sit with partners and produce tracks on iPads. This week we have started our final track and they sound very good.

Week beginning 19.2.24

Blog written by Roxi and Pippa


In Maths, we have been learning to divide and multiply fractions; Mrs. Knight and Mrs. Hamlin have been teaching us a method called ‘keep change flip’. People have been showing resilience and empathy to each other, which is lovely to see.


In PE we have been doing dance and gym.  In dance, we are dancing to the song The Greatest Show and in gym we are learning how to balance on different points.


In art we have been doing surrealism and this week we have drawn big version on sugar paper of what we sketched into our art books and next week we will paint over the water based paint that we did on 22.2.24 .

Mock Trial:

On Tuesday, Morning Mrs. Connolly, who is a barrister, came to give us advise for the mock trial we are doing on the 4th March and she told us that next week she is going to come in again so we can do a practice mock in  our class.

Nature quiz:

On Thursday 22nd February, Pip , Lauren , Raffy and Evie-Mai went to Coaley school to compete in a nature quiz they did really well as they are going to the next round. The whole class were so proud and happy for them!