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Autumn 2 2023

Week commencing 27.11.23

Blog written by Matilda and Elsie

This week we have enjoyed many things. Some of these things are PE, where we have been doing line dancing and basketball. Another thing we have enjoyed is learning about the parliament, including the House of Commons, House of Lords and the Monarch). We have also enjoyed computing, where we did Scratch. We also liked English, which we did discursive questions and writing in formal language. We also loved Science - we did circuits and explored how dark or light a bulb would get based off how many batteries or bulbs were included in the circuit. Another thing we admired was doing was Maths. In Maths, we were looking at shapes (hexagons, octagons, irregular and regular) and angles (180, 360, and 90 degrees were our main). In our Reach activity, we were doing issues and an online survey. Another thing we have done is the Christmas service practice.

Week commencing 20.11.23

Written by Lily OR and Roxi

RE- in RE we learnt about Mary and thought about what we know about her and then went into greater depths of her.

Science- in Science we made our circuits and added more bulbs/buzzers every time also we made it a fair test by keeping the same battery/cell.

English- In English we did our Room 101 text and why we want to abolish them/banish them to room 101.

Maths- in Maths we have been learning about angles and angles on a straight line and around a point

Purple assessment- in purple assessment we wrote war poems on Thursday 23rd November, after looking at pictures and thinking about videos we have watched.

PE- in PE we have been doing basketball and doing different skills in basketball such as moving backwards with the ball and using our weaker hands.

REACH activity - we have been doing in topic about parliament and the House of Commons and House of Lords.

Week commencing 17.11.23

Written by Evie-Mai and Lily OR

Maths - we have been doing fractions to decimals to percentages.

In English this week, we have been doing - Room 101- which is a persuasive text.

Science we have been doing circuit making and looking at them and simple circuits.

In Dance, we have done line dancing with Mrs. Daly.

MOT - we have done equivalent fractions.

History - we are doing things to with ww2 and Anderson shelters.

Today some visitors came in and the class were giving them questions about their job, which is a district councilor.

RHE – we learnt that we are individual and we shouldn’t look the same at the others.

RE – we talked about why Mary is important and what we know about her in the Bible.

Week commencing 6/11/23

Post written by Harmony and Amelia

In Year 6, we have had a very busy week back at school. We started the week of by looking at room 101,which is where you look at things people think should not exist. We have all done a retell on it, the examples we’ve looked at were written by other year 6 in different schools.

On Tuesday, we did a fun challenge called KNEX and we had to make our own bin lorries with some cool features like working doors and bin emptiers. The winners were Roxi and Rosie; they will now go onto the finals during school hours at Renishaw to compete against 50 other schools.

 All week we have been working on our Remembrance service, which will be on Monday 13th at 10.30am. We have made some thought provoking poems about war. We also made some hand wreaths with our reception buddies. All of the Year 6s have painted poppies for our silhouette.

For our extra PE session on Thursday, we had Mrs. Daly for line dancing where we danced to ‘Jingle Bell Rock’.