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Autumn Term 2 (2023 - 2024)

Autumn 2, Week 7


Phew! What a term!  Well done Reception – I know that you are all so tired and unwell but you made it! You have completed your first 2 terms of ‘Big School’ and you deserve a wonderful Christmas break!


We had a busy and exciting final week – we filled 5 shoeboxes full of gorgeous and generous baby items, the children experienced their first school Christmas dinner, they watched a Christmas panto, they made Christingles with their Year 6 Buddies, the children baked (and ate) Christmas cookies and they got to meet Father Christmas at their Christmas breakfast, as well as finishing the term with a class Christmas party – wow!


What an excellent way to end the year, have a wonderful Christmas holiday and I look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

Autumn 2, Week 6


We have had a super exciting week! Woody’s Daddy came into school to tell the children all about his job working on the film ‘Chicken Run 2 – The Dawn of the Nugget’ which was amazing! The children got to learn about the characters and how the puppets are made and moved. The children even got to watch a snippet from the movie – how lucky were they?


Reception decided that they would like to make up shoeboxes for babies, as part of the Rotary scheme. We discussed what babies need and created a list of items. Each child then chose something that they would like to buy for the shoebox. We will then fill these shoeboxes next week and send them off.


Finally, how amazing were Reception in our Nativity performances? Oh my goodness, they did amazingly and I am so proud of each and every one of them! Please see the adorable pictures below!

Autumn 2, Week 5


This week’s focus was on the Christmas story and Winter. The children have deepened their understanding of Advent throughout their RE sessions and are getting more and more excited for Christmas!


In maths, the children are counting up to 10 and exploring compositions of each number. Reception love their maths lessons and especially enjoy helping silly Colin when he makes his maths mistakes. I am so impressed with the children’s mathematical knowledge!


Reception are also continuing to develop their phonics knowledge and are coming towards the end of learning their Phase 3 sounds – please keep practising these with your children at home as it is crucial that your children know these sounds to move on with their learning.


The children listened to the focus text ‘Santa’s New Sleigh’ by Caroline Crowe and designed and created their own new sleigh for Santa! Reception had so much fun doing this and they hope Santa might use their sleigh this year to deliver all the presents to the girls and boys!

Autumn 2, Week 4


This week the children began learning about the time of Advent as Friday was the 1st December! Reception learned that Advent is a time of preparation. The children have started to think about the Christmas story in RE lessons – focusing on the annunciation of Mary, the journey that Mary and Joseph went on and how they had to prepare for their baby Jesus, just like we are preparing for Christmas time.


Reception also took part in their first Advent Retreat. I am so proud of each child in my class – they were so quiet, respectful and reflective as they walked around the school and took part in each activity. Well done Reception!

Autumn 2, Week 3


The Nativity practices have begun! The children have already been wonderful with their singing and are really enjoying the songs. Reception have learned about the Christmas Story and understand that the Nativity is a performance reminding people of the story of the first Christmas.


In literacy, the children have listened to our focus text ‘The Snowman’ by Raymond Briggs. We discussed that because the book has no words the children can use their imagination to create their own retelling of the story. Reception sequenced the story, using some of the images from the text and then wrote a word or initial sound next to the picture to represent what they thought that image was about. The children did amazingly and I am so proud of them!

Autumn 2, Week 2

This week the children have been learning all about Diwali.  Reception children have loved taking part in the Diwali planned activities and enjoyed learning about the story of Rama and Sita! During their independent learning time, the children retold the story of Rama and Sita and used the crates outside to build a bridge, like the one in the story! What great use of their imagination!


This week was also Anti-bullying week. We discussed as a class how we can be friendly to others and love one another, just as Jesus loves us. The children thought of wonderful ideas on how to be kind to one another and be a ‘peacemaker’ and understood why we should be kind to others.


Reception joined Year 6 with their Remembrance Service and was respectful throughout, understanding that this is a time for thinking and reflection – well done children!

Autumn 2, Week 1

Welcome back to a new term – Reception are raring to go which is wonderful! This week the children have been learning about Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day and the seasons. They have enjoyed exploring the activities around these topics and learning about why each event is important.

The Year 6 children worked with their Reception buddies, creating a poppy wreath to take into the Remembrance Service on Monday. It was wonderful to observe how these friendships have evolved over the last term – both Reception and Year 6 love their time together.