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Summer Term 1 2024

Week beginning 20th May
Blog by Sidney, Tansy and Maya
What a busy week we have had in Year 5!
On Wednesday, we had so much fun in a DT afternoon. We have spent this term independently designing a structure to replace the bus shelter in the playground. This week, we got to use saws, knives and glue guns to join straws, wood and lolly sticks to a range of other materials to make our structures. Mine (Sidney) worked really well! We were all really proud of our structures at the end of it.
This week in Literacy, we have been looking at co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions. We are all so happy because we really understand when to use which conjunction and we look forward to adding them into our writing.
On Tuesday, as part of our RSHE, we organised little games for Year 1 and Reception to play during their REACH time. We had poster designing, reading, parachute games, tennis, multi-skills and many more! We had a lovely time helping the little ones enjoy their REACH time. One Reception pupil told us "it was the best day of her life!"
Overall, we have really enjoyed all the little surprises Mrs Carr has planned for us. Today, as a reward for all our amazing work, we have an escape room! We can't wait!
See you after half term!
Week beginning 13th May
Blog by Kacper, Rory and Annabel
On Thursday, for Pentecost we looked at the Universal Church and the gift of languages to the disciples. Mrs Carr asked us to choose another language and write the Our Father in that language.
Well, that is all we can talk about now! We had so much fun choosing different languages and also discovering new languages from countries we didn't even know existed!
Some of us even took it home to finish off because we were so focused on what we were doing.
Some of us ALSO managed to choose a second language and wrote the Glory Be or the Hail Mary in that language too.
The mixture of languages chosen was really diverse; Polish, Icelandic, Gaelic, Welsh, Thai, Chinese, Hungarian, Finnish, French, German, Latin and even Serbian were chosen!
We are going to create a Universal Church display board which will be shared on the website when it is finished.
Mrs Carr note:
As usual, I ask the children who wants to contribute to the blogs and this is all the children wanted to say! They all really were inspired by this lesson and it was truly wonderful to see how much effort they put into it. However, I would like to add that we finished our Maths unit on Fractions with incredible progress from the children- I am super impressed. We have also started a new unit in English on explanation texts. Finally, the children are very much looking forward to their DT afternoon where we will be making our prototypes. I am looking forward to the children sharing that with you!
Week beginning 6th May 
Deaf Awareness week 
A blog by Isla C
This week is Deaf Awareness week. My name is Isla and I am profoundly deaf. When I was born, I couldn't hear anything at all. At 18 months, I got cochlea implants which helped me hear. I need a radio aid in school to help me hear and make everything clearer.
To tell the school about my hearing, and to promote awareness to Deaf Awareness week; I did a presentation about my deafness with Harriet and Violet. It was to the whole school. I spent a while on it and it was really exciting to present it. I really liked the questions that the school asked me- there were some good ones! I liked the fact people were asking me about my deafness and how long I've had my implants for.
On Friday we had two visitors with a hearing dog. One of the visitors was deaf and had implants like me! I thought they were both going to be deaf with no aids or implants so I was surprised she had an implant like me too!
I really wanted the school to know its ok to have a disability, and I have met and seen more deaf people as my awareness of my disability grows. 
Week beginning 29th April
by James, Theo and Hannah
We have been writing an adventure story which has been really fun. We have been using short sentences for effect, hyphens and imagery. We particularly enjoyed learning about the short sentences for effect- it was really fun to create an effect on the reader. One of our examples is: "I froze in fear."
We have really loved DT and science. In DT we got to design our own shelters ready for making a prototype. In science we had fun learning about magnets and iron filings! We created an experiment to explore sorting materials by their magnetic properties, as well as understanding what iron filings were for the first time. They made our magnets look hairy!
All week we have been celebrating being independent. We have been finding resources ourselves, learning about how to solve minor conflict ourselves and even sports crew leading a warm up in PE! We want to be more responsible and more like role models ready for Year 6. (Mrs Carr note: and how lucky St Joseph's will be to have this wonderful class as role models!)
We have done our own independent creative work in RE- Mrs Carr gave us the title of Easter being the most important time in the Liturgical calendar, and we could choose how to present our information. As you can see from the photos- we produced such unique and thoughtful work.
We are looking forward to a day off next Monday, and a really fun week ahead!
Week beginning 15th April
Mrs Carr blog
What a busy week!!
We have been to Mass, learned about St George's Day, had a go at making joins in DT, investigated light in Science and started a new literacy unit on adventure stories!
I have been really impressed with the children's progress with fractions this week; the progress has been fabulous and it has been really wonderful to see the children grow in confidence with the skills needed. Well done Year 5!!
We have also started a new project in REACH time! We spent a good hour investigating the different Lichen species around the school. This will help us monitor the air quality and help the eco-committee with their air quality project. Phase 1 is finding the lichen! Phase 2 will be creating a map and then identifying the species in the key pollution areas! The children are very excited!
Can't wait to see what we get up to this week!
Week beginning 15th April
By Alice, Theo and Bertie
We have been visited by Childline and the PCSO's this week! Childline was teaching us that we can call them for free and we can talk about ANYTHING to them. We learned the number (08001111) and we learned that we have the right to speak out and stay safe!
The PCSO's taught us how we can stay safe when we are by ourselves and what to do when we get lost. We learned about the PCSO's role and our trust circles. We feel really safe now!
In Geography, we learned about coastal areas are formed by erosion. When the waves hit against the soft rock, it erodes away leaving hard rock behind. This is how bays and headlands are formed! Next week we are going to learn how arches, stacks and stumps are made.
In DT, we learned about triangulation in structures. We really enjoyed cutting out pictures to help us come up with a design for our project. We also had a look around the school to see triangulation in action!
In Maths, we have been looking at adding fractions. We all loved converting between mixed number and improper fractions- they are so fun to switch between!
We would like to share a prayer written by Alice:
Dear Lord,
Please brighten our path,
and help us not be tempted by wrong, 
help us to believe in you like Saint John Bosco,
we will follow your lead to heaven.
You sent your Son to save us,
We will always praise you and your great glory,
We shall follow you.
Week beginning 8th April
Mrs Carr blog
What a wonderful first week I have had in Year 5! I have loved teaching the class again, and the children have absolutely been the best they can be!
We have had a really busy first week back with starting as we mean to go on! All the reading diaries have been checked and updated; reading books issues and guided reading groups sorted. In Maths, we have just finished a unit on measuring and fractions, and we are going to start a new unit on calculating fractions (adding and subtracting with fractions mainly!)
In English, we have started a new unit on biographies and we have so far studied Roald Dahl and Nelson Mandela. 
In Science, we have started revising and building on previous skills about properties of materials. We have reminded ourselves how to build circuits and have used this information to classify materials based on their electrical conductor properties.
In RE, we have started our work on Easter by looking at the Easter vigil service. The children had a go at writing a poem inspired by the Exsultat which were absolutely stunning!
We have also enjoyed making towers out of paper in DT, drawing vectors in ICT, learning pet animal vocabulary in French, and tennis in PE.
Very very busy start but the children have been an absolute joy, and I cam very excited to see what the next weeks bring.