The Sunday Times Top Primary Schools in UK 2023 We are delighted to have been awarded 7th best school in the South West Region and 138th Nationally.


Autumn Term 1 2023-2024

Autumn 1 Week 6
This week was a very exciting week for the Year 3 Chaplaincy team. They went to Clifton Cathedral for a special ceremony to receive their badges. The children also sung some hymns too and they had a great time showing our virtue of faith
In maths we started our unit on Geometry. We have been identifying and drawing a variety of lines including parallel lines and perpendicular lines. The children have been so resilient.
Julia: I loved holding the banner in the Cathedral. It was scary at first but then I found it really exciting. 
Austin: I liked Maths this week because we also counted down in tenths.
Lucy: I loved getting my badge for Chaplaincy!
Elliot: I have liked English this week because I felt happy when I finished my Big Write.
Autumn 1 Week 5
Year 3 had a great time building their resilience when doing gymnastics in PE. The children were so excited to get out the climbing frame and practice their skills. They learnt how to be safe by not being distracted, not jumping off and having three point of contact on the frame at all times. 
We also finished off our unit of Rugby, playing small games in groups. 
Ava - I liked catching the ball and throwing it in a rugby pass.
Amberlee - I liked going on to the apparatus because it was fun!
Seth - I liked playing the warm up games in PE!
Autumn 1 Week 4

We have loved building our confidence in Rugby, and have been resilient in maths when comparing three digit numbers. We have also written some amazing poems using similes, and will be posting some next week. 


The children voted on a new book this week. The class have started reading The Legend of Podkin One Ear. Here’s what Year 3 think so far:


Molly: I think the book has been really amazing because it’s about Podkin rescuing a kingdom.


Lucy: It’s really interesting! There’s lots of rabbits in it!


James: I liked when the rabbit went BANG BANG BANG on the door.


We have also had a very exciting Outdoor Learning lesson wherein the children were able to observe bugs of every shape and size. We took some fantastic pictures!

Autumn 1 Week 3
This week Year 3 have continued their preparation for the Macmillan Coffee Morning. We have been making invitations for the community to attend our event. The class also planned how to organise the hall and made a powerpoint to display information about the coffee morning. 
Rugby is becoming one of our favourite sports, we have had lots of practice! We have learnt lots of key terms, like scrum and line out. The children have been so resilient when practicing our new skills. 
We have been dealing with lots of big numbers this week. The children have been counting forwards and backwards in steps of 100. They are becoming more confident every day.
Molly: Rugby has been amazing this week!
Oliver: This week has been really fun!
Seth: I loved comparing drawing on an ipad to drawing on paper.

Autumn 1 – Week 2


Our second week of Year 3 has gone very quickly! The children have been very excited about our REACH activity – organising the school’s Macmillan Coffee Morning. We have already made some posters, so watch this space for more information! We have such high aspirations for this task, we can’t wait to get stuck in!


We have also experimented with making paper dice for our DT unit on Shell Structures. The children were resilient when learning new techniques, such as scoring. We loved playing number games with our dice afterwards!


In Class Prayers this week, the children have written a class prayer to commemorate our start to Year 3. Please find it below:


Heavenly Father,


At the start of this new school year, we pray that you will help us to show empathy to others on the playground.

To thank you for the wonderful world you have given us, we will litter pick and look after your creations.

We will continue to REACH through faith, hope and love,

(Pearl, Finn, Finley, Ella, Bea, Jake)


Heavenly Lord please renew our passions this year.

We pray for kindness in our school.

We pray for the pets we have at home.

We pray that all the new receptions feel welcomed to our school.

(Joni, James, Oliver, Seth)


Lord, help me guide everyone in my class.

Help us to keep this world healthy and clean.

Thank you for uniting all our friends together again.

We are so thankful for the amazing cooks we have at school who provide us with yummy food every day.

(Molly, Bella, Amberlee, Illythia, Elizabeth)


Father thank you for your world, and the trees that give us oxygen.

Help us to be resilient in all our work at St. Joseph’s.

Help us to be kind and loving, and to REACH through faith, hope and love.

(Elliot, Julia, Lucy, Eliza)


Thank you for food and water, and the shelter you have given us.

Thank you for the friends that play with us.

Thank you for the teachers that teach us.

(Austin, Ava, Bonnie)

Autumn Term 1 – Week 1


We have had a fantastic start to the year! The children have been working hard on their resilience to produce some amazing KS2 work. Within the first week, we have begun looking at three digit numbers in Maths and writing our own traditional tale. The children have also loved getting stuck in with computing, investigating digital devices. Well done Year 3, we are going to have an amazing term!