The Sunday Times Top Primary Schools in UK 2023 We are delighted to have been awarded 7th best school in the South West Region and 138th Nationally.


Autumn 2 2023

Week beginning 18th December
What an amazing last week we have had! 
On Monday, we watched a brilliant piano concert which really was inspiring to watch. We also had MANY rehearsals in the church for our carol concert.
On Tuesday, it was the carol concert! We had a very late evening but sang our hearts out. Mrs Carr was SO proud of all of KS2 and the feedback was really positive about our beautiful singing.
On Wednesday, we had a pantomime of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Some of us got to act in it too!! It was SO much fun and we laughed loads! We also got the opportunity to help Mrs Howells and the Rotary club load up all the shoe boxes for Romania. We stopped to reflect on those less fortunate than ourselves and were happy we could help.
On Thursday we had a super Christingle Mass. We enjoyed listening to the readings and singing our carols so beautifully.
On Friday, we have had a visit from Father Christmas, a Christmas breakfast AND a Christmas party!
From all of us in Year 4, we wish you all a very Happy Christmas, a happy New Year and see you in 2024!
Week beginning 11th December
We are so tired! We have worked so hard this week in all we have done, Mrs Carr is so proud of us but we are very very tired!
We have compared Ancient Civilisations in History. Did you know that Ancient Mesopotamia, and Ancient China were quite similar to Ancient Egypt? They all wrote with pictures; created towns; built pyramid style temples and all had rivers at the heart of their civilisations. It was so interesting!
In Science, we explored how to muffle Santa! We investigated how sounds can be muffled using different materials and we had to muffle Santa's bells or Santa's reindeer!! We wrote a brilliant conclusion on our findings with loads of super science words!
On Friday REACH activity we had a REALLY special guest. Mr Barrowman, producer at Aardman films came to talk to us about Chicken Run 2. He brought in the actual puppets used on set and talked to us about what it is like working on a film. It was so interesting to see!
Next week is our last week of term and there is a lot to remember! 
Things for the shoe for Christingle...KS2 carol concert Tuesday... Christmas Jumper day Friday... Luckily Mrs Howells has sent a list out to our parents so they can help us remember!
See you next week!
Week beginning 4th December
We have actually had a really quiet week!
On Monday, we started making our DT project of sewing purses. We have spent the last few weeks researching really carefully and designing our purse, so we were all super excited to get sewing! We will need to finish it next week, and then evaluate our design.
In Maths, we have been working on our mental strategies for addition and subtraction. We have learned a range of strategies and look forward to showing what we remember in our homework this week! 
In PE, we finished our work on basketball and moved onto handball. We started learning about the rules of handball and how to score goals! So much fun!
We have practiced our carol singing every day this week ready for the carol concert in the last week of term. We really hope you can all come to it!
Next week is a super busy week and there are some surprises in store for us...Mrs Carr won't tell us what yet! Can't wait to see!
Week beginning 27th November
What an action packed week we have had!
In PE, we have shown all the teachers we are REALLY good at basket ball! We have been doing obstacle courses whilst dribbling a basket ball, and today we practiced sitting down whilst dribbling the ball! Mrs Carr couldn't believe that we all did it pretty much straight away!!
In Science, we were looking at pattern spotting, which is a Working Scientifically skill. We investigated pitch and volume, and discussed the patterns between the sounds and the features of the instrument that made them. We felt like proper Scientists!
In Outdoor learning, we took advantage (briefly!) of the beautiful frosty morning and investigated what ice looks like with a magnifying glass. We LOVED crunching over the frosty ground and exploring how beautiful spider webs were with ice on them.
We have finished our work on all the SHUN sounds (-cian, -ssion, -tion, -sion) and have enjoyed spotting all the different sounds in our day to day learning. Thanks to the rules on when to use them, we can accurately spell any words that end in the SHUN sound! We have also earned marbles for our team when we have spotted the words (which is almost every lesson!!)
The Advent retreat was Thursday afternoon and we enjoyed the calm reflection to get us ready for the Advent period. We looked after the younger children and helped them understand the importance of the Christmas story.
Each day, Chaplaincy have shared a special prayer with us and invited us to think about how we can be a light for someone this Advent season.
As you pray this prayer, think about how you can bring light to someone:
O Lord,
Help us be kind and compassionate to ourselves and others this Christmas.
Help us to know that Jesus is the light of the world.
Week beginning 20th November
Another busy week! 
In Science we have been looking at how our ear works. We couldn't believe how complicated it was! We labelled the key parts and started explaining how we hear sounds.
In History, we explored who made the pyramids. We were given some clue cards to see if it was paid workers, volunteer workers or slaves. There were so many persuasive arguments including the fact that workers had would they do that for slaves? Or the fact that there was a really strict farming cycle which also included time when the Nile would they build pyramids in that time? What do you think?
In spelling we have been looking at the various suffixes that make a "shun" sound. Like -sion, -tion and -ssion. Now we know them, we have been spotting them EVERYWHERE! What really helps is us knowing which suffix to use by the working out what the root word ends in. Have a look at our super sentences!
Next week is the Advent retreat. We really hope you can join us!
See you next week!
Week beginning 6th November
Well considering we have only been in school 4 days, we have been SO busy!
On Wednesday, Mrs Carr transformed our classroom into an Ancient Egyptian tomb! We had to crawl through the tunnels to the burial chamber, and then return so we could document what we saw. We really felt like we were Howard Carter peeking into Tutankhamun's tomb for the first time!
On Thursday, we listened to Stroud Literacy festival workshop. It was really interesting to hear how a story is written and we learned a lot. Oliver's question "How long does it take you to write a book?" was asked and the author answered it! How long do you think the author said?
On Friday, we spent some of the morning writing letters to our new partner class. As part of the Littleway partnership, we have linked with St Gregory the Great school in Cheltenham! We have written a letter to the class and spent some time exploring their website. We can't wait to hear back from them!
Later today we have got a really fun REACH activity about sneezing- this will help us stay healthy and win the attendance award!
See you next week!
Week beginning 13th November
What a busy week we have had!
Last Friday, we left you on the cliff-hanger of our REACH activity...we were investigating how far sneezes could travel! We "sneezed" (using water and a pipette!) across the classroom and measured where the water fell on the tables. They went so far! We caught the sneezes in our hands, but then realised that the caught sneeze would still travel because it was on our hands. The only way to truly catch a sneeze is in a tissue or the crook of our elbow. If we manage to do that, we will keep healthy all winter!
This week we have been looking at being a peacemaker. We spoke about what a peacemaker would say, we wrote lovely things about each other and we reflected on what we are grateful for. The list was so big, we filled the whole whiteboard! Our favourite moment was when Sol said that "the spirit of our class is us helping each other". We couldn't agree more!
In Science, we started our new topic of sound. Mrs Carr took us on a sound walk and Miss Evans (our student teacher) did an AMAZING practical lesson to show us how something needs to vibrate to make a sound! We had tuning forks and when we hit them and put them in water, we REALLY saw the vibrations! It was so much fun!
We can't wait to share again with you next week!