The Sunday Times Top Primary Schools in UK 2023 We are delighted to have been awarded 7th best school in the South West Region and 138th Nationally.


Spring Term 1 (2023 - 2024)

Spring 1, Week 5

This week has been Children's Mental Health Week. Reception have taken part in a variety of activities that can improve children's mental health, such as meditation, sport, dance and listening to stories. The children have really enjoyed their cricket lesson and their hockey lesson and learned lots of skills to help improve their accuracy and technique when playing these sports.
On Tuesday it was Safer Internet Day and the children had a visit from the PCSO who spoke to the children about using the internet safely. The children loved having these visitors in and listened to them really well. The children then watched a video about watching videos online and when/if they see something that they do not like or scares them then they can tell a trusted adult and it will be okay.
In our EAD sessions, the children have again been exploring music even further and were introduced to 'sway' and 'beat' in music. This week the children have taken turns when playing instruments, as well as playing in pairs and small groups and playing independently. The children really enjoyed playing the Glockenspiel and were really good! Well done Reception, I hope you have a wonderful half term rest!
Spring 1, Week 4

This week Reception attended Mass which they really enjoyed and were so well behaved! It was also the whole school heats for our oracy competition and Woody was able to present his speech to the whole of St Joseph's which was incredible for only being in Reception! Well done Woody!
In Religious Education, Reception were learning about the miracle of the 'Feeding of the 5000'. The children made bread rolls and discussed how amazing it was that Jesus was able to do miracle like this! We spoke about how much Jesus cares for us and how He showed us so much love when He was on Earth. The children began thinking about ways they could care for others and show others love.
In our EAD sessions, the children have been exploring music and have been having the opportunity to play musical instruments and explore how they sound. Reception have absolutely loved these sessions! We have many wonderful musicians in Reception class this year!
Spring 1, Week 3

This week Reception began their oracy speeches. Wow, what brave children I have in my class! Reception spoke clearly and confidently and were able to stand in front of their peers to present their speech. I am incredibly proud of the children!
Reception have been historians this week, using pictures to talk about history in their own timeline. The children looked at pictures of Stroud in the past and now and they discussed similarities and differences in the things that they see, as well as talking about what they know about Stroud now, in the year of 2024.
The children have also been geographers as they constructed their own map and began describing the locations using simple locational and directional language.
In our EAD sessions, the children got the opportunity to explore plasticine and used this to create their own models. The children learned key skills to support them in their modelling of the plasticine, such as how to roll it into a ball, or use tools to cut the plasticine. The children were incredibly creative and produced wonderful models! Well done Reception! 
Spring 1, Week 1 and Week 2

Reception's topic this term is 'Blast Off', where the children will be learning all about space! The children have spent the first two weeks learning about Neil Armstrong, identifying planets and recalling facts about them. The children got the opportunity to explore, play and learn all about space through the provision activities. Take a look at the photos to see what amazing work the children produced!
In maths Reception have begun learning about the composition within 4 and exploring more than and less than of numbers. The children have done a brilliant job with their maths and should be so proud of themselves!
In our EAD lessons, the children have been painting using different media and exploring the effects of using different tools when painting. In our UTW sessions, the children have been looking at where our school is situated, as well as identifying significant places within our community.