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Spring 2 2024

Week beginning 11th March
A Mrs Carr blog- it was a whirlwind week!
We celebrated British Science week all week, with different activities each day! 
We had a BBC Live lesson where we explored complete and incomplete metamorphism in insects, amphibians and reptiles. It was a really interesting talk from Norfolk reptile house.
We also explored coding time machines and how our brains work! More interesting activities!
The highlight was having 4 industry professionals come to speak to us about their roles. We had 3 engineers from Magnox (decommissioning nuclear power stations) and Mr Carr, a food scientist. Each speaker gave inspiring insight into their journey with science and engineering and we really hope that we inspired the children into considering STEM roles in the future.
We also had a STEM workshop where we made Brush Monsters with Year 3! That took a lot of patience and a lot of problem solving- but the room came alive when we started racing the monsters!!
Finally, at the end of the week, we had a trip to Woodchester house to see the lambs. It was an action packed hour of holding, stroking and feeding the lambs. We were also treated to a little walk around the estate which was a real treat.
On Friday, we also had the violin concert. The children played IMPECCABLY- with many staff and children commenting on how proficient the children were after just 9 weeks of lessons. Well done Year 4!
Quiet final week of term...right? :D
Week beginning 4th March
We have had such a fun week!
We have done lots of brilliant lessons, and we have particularly enjoyed our Maths lessons. We knew division wouldn't be as hard as we thought and the whole class started the week getting onto the deepen its every day! Remainders are a little trickier but we are smashing it as usual!
However, our highlight was World Book day!
We wore our pyjamas, drank hot chocolate and curled up with a good book! We also had a BBC live lesson which was really interesting and we created some lovely book recommendations for our book area. In the afternoon we had a zoom call with our partner class, and we watched them perform a poem.
Our main activity was based on the book "Here we are"- and we wrote letters to our partner class about what we think is the most important thing about being human. They are absolutely stunning!
Next week is British Science week, we are taking part in the Big Plastic count and have a whole exciting action packed week ahead!
Week beginning 26th February
We have had SUCH an exciting week!
Our BEST lesson was Science on Thursday where we made BUTTER! YES BUTTER! We shook cream until it turned into a solid (by adding movement energy). But BEST of all- we got to eat it with some crackers! It was delicious! And so easy to make so we all want to try it at home (Mrs Carr edit: sorry parents!)
On Friday we continued our weather project in outdoor learning. We had the craziest weather to test our hand made weather vanes with! We discovered the wind was blowing in a South West direction (confirmed by the Met office) and we took temperature readings too. We had to dodge hail, sleet, rain and snow showers though!
We are sad that we have finished our work on short multiplication because everyone was doing the Deepen it challenges every day! But we are excited to go onto division- we are sure it is not as hard as we think it is!
Tonight is the school disco! WOOHOO! We are all so excited! 
See you next week!
Week beginning 19th February
A Mrs Carr blog:
Welcome back everyone! 
We have had an action packed first week as you can imagine! Even though it is the start of a new term and we have so many new topics to start, the children have come back so much more focused and showing more of our REACH values!
In Maths, we are starting our unit on written methods for multiplication and division. It is also another good opportunity to work on our times tables, as the check is in June. So far, the children are understanding these concepts really well!
In English, we are starting stories with an environmental theme. This sparked a lot of interest and the children cannot wait to create their own short stories!
This week was also Awe and Wonder week, so the children learnt about Yom Kippur- the Jewish Day of Atonement and linked it to our Lent. The children were amazed that Jewish people fast for 25 hours on Yom Kippur!!
We also had Awe and Wonder Science- the children learned about Blood groups and drew a bar chart to show the most common blood groups in the UK.
In PE, we are starting a dance and gymnastic unit. In Dance, the children warmed up with a dance sequence based on extreme sports (kayaking and rock climbing) and then began creating a whole class dance sequence to retell parts of Anglo Saxon life.
Because, of course, the HIGHLIGHT of the week was introducing the children to the Anglo Saxons! They were extremely excited to learn about these so I know they can't wait to blog next week about everything they have learned!
I am very much looking forward to Spring 2 with this amazing group of children!
Mrs Carr :)