The Sunday Times Top Primary Schools in UK 2023 We are delighted to have been awarded 7th best school in the South West Region and 138th Nationally.


Autumn 1 2023

Week commencing 9th October

Written by Rosie and Sophia

For English we have looked at suspense stories and created are own. Also, we have looked at some (very sad) war poetry.

For Maths we have looked at some (super hard) long division, this was our last lesson .

During Harvest, the songs we have sung are: Autumn Days, I Will Bring to You, Who Put the Colours in the Rainbow and Morning has Broken. Year 3 did Cauliflowers Fluffy, which was really good.

In First Aid, we did choking and got to pick partners to talk about it.

For Geography, we wrote something for FGR (Eco Park).

The girls didn’t have as much time as they would have liked to have, but they tried their hardest to get some comments written for the blog – they have used lots of parenthesis (which is our focus in English), so I am very pleased!

Week commencing 2nd October 2023

Written by Imogen and Harmony

In St David’s this week it has been a challenging and fun week for all of year 6 as they have been working very hard in all subjects.

In maths this week, we have been doing long division where we learnt how to put remainders as fractions.

We have also been doing practice SATS papers which everyone was very resilient with although they were quite hard for some people.

In first aid we have been focusing on severe bleeding and acting out different steps for how to treat it either severe or normal cuts that are bleeding.

For English ,we have been doing reading SATS papers and we were writing a story on a young girl called Alma who turns into a creepy doll.

In art this week we have been working on using our virtues of faith hope and love to draw In graffiti writing.

Every Tuesday we go swimming , in swimming this week we have been practicing different strokes such as breast stroke , butterfly , backstroke and front crawl . The stage 6 and 7 swimmers also did diving .

In French we have been learning numbers from 1-10 and then 11-20 which was really fun as we had to play a French guessing game .

MOT this week was quite challenging for some people as we had to do long multiplication of 4 digit numbers times 2 digit numbers .

In RE this week we have been focusing on disharmony and how CAFOD helped many different people around the world in many different places.

Week commencing 25th September

Written by Rosalie and Lauren

This Monday, Year 6 and year 2 went for a school trip to Burnham-on-sea. When we arrived at the beach, we went for a ½ mile hike to a nature reserve( where we had our snack) and then hiked back down to the beach, where we explored some rock-pools and found some crabs. After that, we went further down the coastline to set up our base for the rest of the day. We then had lunch and after that we just played. Mrs Knight, Mrs Jenkins, Mrs White, Mrs Staples and Mrs Hathaway made the strip really fun, encouraging us to use our REACH values and to represent St. Josephs.

This week we have been learning how to treat a casualty with asthma. We watched a short video about how to help somebody if they are having an asthma attack, and how to perform CPR if needed. We also learned how to place the casualty and how to keep them calm and comforted.

This week in swimming, groups two and three did lengths of the pool, testing us on what we know, and what we need to improve on. Group one were doing backstroke and at the end group 3 did floating. The teachers were really kind and helped us to demonstrate our REACH values in front of other schools.

This week the whole school went to mass, where we met our new father( Father Phillip) and got to know him better. He was really fun and joyful, and when he spoke he was very child friendly. He came in to some of the classes, and he told us a little bit about himself and what the mass was going to look like from now on. He was really kind and clearly demonstrates our REACH values, being a role model to all.

Week commencing 18th September 2023

A great week in St David’s Class. Many of the children are REACHing in all areas now and are showing me that they are great models for the younger children showing empathy.


In Maths, we have moved on to decimals and the children have worked hard to understand multiplying decimal numbers. The have explored existing knowledge and recapped learning from previous years. Many children are making links between learning and having high expectations of themselves meaning that they are getting on to the deepen it section and even some challenges too.


Meanwhile, in English the children used their knowledge of relative clauses and expanded noun phrases to write their own non-chronological reports based on an animal of their choice. We then went on to write our final piece for this unit linked to sci-fi animals based on the imaginary planet – Pandora. We have started our next unit looking at suspense stories and we retold Zelda Claw - our whole class cat picture is fabulous!


The children have been enjoying their new art unit based on Making our voice heard linking to graffiti. They have been exploring pieces of work by Banksy, and how we can use artwork to send a message to others. They are beginning to understand how artwork can be aspirational provoking thoughts, ideas and feelings. 


On Friday we had a special First Aid session with a trainer from the Midlands Air Ambulance charity - The children learnt about giving CPR (they used plastic models), how to stop a bleed (we looked at medical equipment for this as well as what you could do if you had now equipment) and the recovery position. 


Outdoor learning was a little rained off, so the children had to create world maps using indoor resources – it was a challenge but they were all resilient.


We now have our eco reps (Pippen and Evie-Mai), school council leads and reps (Lily, Rosie, Elsie, Pippen and Olivia) as well as our house captains, so all of these groups will start to work together to develop and improve our school making sure that we are being the best that we can be.

Week commencing 11th September 2023

Week 2 was another fabulous week! A big focus this week has been the house captain elections. The results were tight and many children were disappointed but gracious in their defeat. I want to congratulate everyone that stood up and gave a speech showing what it means to REACH in Faith, Hope and Love. Well done to all our knew captains – I can’t wait to see you in action.

In Maths, our place value work has continued and they have worked hard to be able to order and compare 7 digit numbers. The children are getting much better at explaining their thoughts and reasoning relating to questions thinking of the moto that the answer is only the beginning. We are going to be moving on to decimals next week.

In English we have started writing our non-chronological report writing which the children have really enjoyed. Our main focus is on expanded noun phrases and relative clauses. The children have been working hard to show me that they can recognise and use both of these.

Take a look at our week two pictures for our First Aid REACH activity - this week was stings and bites.

Next week we look forward to the School Council speeches and officially meeting our reception buddies!

Week commencing 4th September 2023

What a great first week we had! They have all settled in so well to Year 6! We have been hard at work already this week – always REACHing in all we do.

In Maths, we have focused on place value and 7 digit numbers as a reminder to all children as this underpins much of their maths knowledge.

In English, we have started our first journey linked to non-chronological reports. The children have investigating reports; they have written some and retold one too (see some of the pictures!).

They enjoyed our REACH activity on Friday where we are focusing in on first aid through using St John’s Ambulance resources.

On Friday, they had the opportunity to be involve in inflatable football which everyone enjoyed!

There are some pictures uploaded of them creating natural images to represent their ‘circle of people’ and who is in it, and also some team building games.

We are looking forward to the house captain speeches and buddies in the next few weeks. Some of the year 6 children will also start writing the blog too!