The Sunday Times Top Primary Schools in UK 2023 We are delighted to have been awarded 7th best school in the South West Region and 138th Nationally.


Spring Term 1

Internet safety day
During our internet safety day, the children had a visit from the local PCSO’s. They helped us to know how to be safe online and taught us about the different risks that come with being online.
Mental health week
Take a look at what we got up to. We Were focusing on noticing and connecting. 
Yes …. Finally we are onto our performance poetry! 
Walking with my Iguana by Brian Moses. 

We have had so much fun performing and learning this poem; not only this, we got to use the bongo drums to help with the performance. Our homework is also going to be based on this poem (2.02.2024).
Oracy competition first heat
As with everything this class does, this 2 minute oracy task was delivered to such a high standard. A range of topics were spoken about and everyone brought their A-game. Even Mrs Hathaway, learnt new facts! 

As always Year 5 you were fabulous! 
We enjoyed our learning of the days of the week in French- some of us were able to share our knowledge too. Mrs Hathaway was impressed by a song one of us knew to help remember the days of the week.
Science, science and more science!
We are always so engrossed in our science learning we often forget to take pictures so here are a few and I’m sure we will have a few more added soon….
We have been learning all about computer systems - specifically web crawls and the role they play in search engines. We also learnt that the first ever website was created the year Mrs Hathaway was born! 
What a day of celebrations we had! 
We made bookmarks, created art work met, our partner class at St.Peter’s in Gloucester and had cakes and squash to complete the feeling of a celebratIon. 
Lent retreat
Outdoor Learning