Winter Uniform

Grey blazer, grey v-neck pullover or cardigan with school badge, white shirt, grey tunic, skirt, trousers or shorts, grey or white socks, grey tights, gold tie, black shoes (no trainers).

Summer Uniform


Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5:-

Golden yellow striped/ checked dress, grey v-neck pullover or cardigan with school badge,         white   socks  black shoes (no trainers or sandals).

Year 6  - golden yellow striped/checked dress or white polo shirt with school badge, grey skirt, trousers or shorts, white socks and black shoes (no trainers or sandles)

Boys - whole school 

White polo shirt with school badge, trousers or shorts, grey socks and black school shoes (no trainers)


Sports  Uniform

Navy shorts, house coloured t-shirt, white sport socks, black plimsoll/trainers, blue/black school tracksuit bottoms, grey school hoodie.

Alternative sports: plain coloured tracksuit bottoms/hooded tops NO STRIPES OR BRANDING PLEASE.


Uniform may be purchased from Batemans in Stroud.

Please ensure that shoulder length hair is tied back at all times.