Summer Term 1

WB: Monday 9th May 2022
During the week we started created our designs for our mars rover creations... which will need to cushion the landing on a yolky passenger! Working in groups, pairs and as individuals we set to work to ensure our Mars Rovers stood the test that they would encounter next week.
WB: Monday 2nd May 2022
Every week we are completing music lessons refining our music reading and recorder playing skills. We definitely persevered and showed resilience whilst learning new skills and singing new songs. Take a look at pictures of us refining our skills below.
Monday 25th April 2022
This week we got stuck into gardening all that winter weather caused all the beds to grow. Getting into out wet weather gear we headed out side to dig up and turn over the beds ready for planting. During this session, we showed empathy and sense of achievement towards each other working as a well oiled team. Take a look at some of our hard work.