Autumn Term 1

How is it Half term already?
I could share all the wonderful things we have been getting up to, but instead I am going to hand the blog over to Year 5 as they have lots they would like you to know about. 
This term we have been doing lots of art using oil pastels. Our bright and colourful masterpieces will be displayed in the school hall. They show the seven Holy Sacraments. I particularly enjoyed creating the sacrament of commitment- Olivia
We went on science trip to Wycliffe, where we learnt lots of cool things; representing the school REACHing in every aspect of our day. Here is some of the things we got up to:
  • explored the use of Bunsen burners;
  • how to make nylon;
  • we change the chemistry of a pen to become twisted;
  • We made slime, name chains, twisted pen, nylon, because we learnt how to change monomers into polymers;
  • we looked inside a microscope and found a living micro-organism (Crustacean)- flesh eaters;
  • We applied out physics knowledge to create the best marble roller-coaster;
  • We took part in a couple of lectures-The Nano science and Gastronaut all about the science of food;
  • We learnt how hard it is to work with Non science technology;
  • WWT activities understanding swans;
  • Made spinning tops in the Renishaw workshop where we learnt about aerodynamics.
We came together as a school and local community demonstrating solidarity, by bringing in donations for a Macmillian cake sale to raise money to support the charity- Sophia
We have been learning about the amazing America's here is some of the things we have done:
  • understanding the difference between large scale and small scale maps;
  • understood time zones;
  • we used atlas to identify some cities and countries;
  • thematic maps.
Raffy, Amelia and Orla
Enjoy looking through a few pictures below, where we demonstrate how we aspire through, Faith Hope and Love.
September 2022- What a Start to the Year!
St Teresa's class have had a whirlwind start to Year 5. All the the way through the the last few weeks, the children have shown they they REACH in everything they do showing faith, hope and love. Here is just a few of the exciting things we have gotten up to since stepping foot into Year 5:
  • Design and created frame structures using simple materials.
  • Started to developed new works of art for the school hall.
  • Created a special logo that will soon be seen throughout the school to support our understanding of values, which we hope will become our virtues over time.
  • wrote speeches and went on our on a stewards of the earth march around the school premises following our learning on Greta Thunberg and Pope Francis' letter Ladato Si. 
  • Learnt and created our own version of a traditional tail. 
  • Started our learning on Jacob Lawrence a cubist artist.
  • Delved deeper into outer space learning about the planets and how we orbit the sun.
We have done so much more than this, but it's safe to say we have had a fabulous start to the year.... I wonder what we will get up to next week?