Autumn Term 1 (2019-2020)

Wednesday 2nd October 2019
What an exciting morning we had! We arrived at school this morning ready for our trip to Woodchester woods. Miss Jones made sure that we all had our coats, wellies and packed lunch ready for a morning of Forest School activities.
When we arrived at the woods, we were met by Georgia who had organised a morning full of exciting activities! We can't wait to use our new subject knowledge during our Science lessons this term. Take a look at some of the photos to see what activities we did throughout the morning.
Friday 27th September 2019
Food, glorious food! Today, Miss Jones taught us all about the different food chains in different habitats. We started off by looking at a woodland habitat and described the different food chains we would find here. After that, we were given an example of a food chain which we had to put in the correct order on our tables. It was very important that we had our arrows facing the correct way! We wouldn't want any leaves eating caterpillars!
Once we had completed our food chains in the classroom, we then went outside to make our food chains using natural resources.
Friday  20th September 2019
Following a lesson on 'Microhabitats' in Science this week, we went outside to see if we could find a microhabitat on our school grounds. Once we had found them, we need use magnifiers, brushes and small pots to see which minibeasts we could find in each one. Claude was very brave - he picked up a big spider for his team!
Friday 13th September 2019
In Science, we have been learning all about living things, including their habitats. Today, we took our learning outside to discuss things that were alive, dead and things that were never alive. We worked in small groups to find and sort according to the different criteria!
Wednesday 4th September 2019
What an exciting start to the new term! We confidently made our way into our new Year 2 classroom where we were greeted with a familiar face - Miss Jones! As a class, we quickly settled in to the expectations of Year 2 and started our day sat on the carpet. We received a letter from Mrs D'Arcy, explaining that we have a very important job to do - it is our responsibility, as the future generation, to look after God's world and that's exactly what we want to do! Miss Jones told us that we were going to visit Noah's Ark which was a very exciting way to start to our Year 2 adventure. We had a fabulous day and were exhausted on the way home - Miss Jones counted 19 sleeping children! Please flick through the photos below to see what we got up to on our first day in Year 2.