Autumn Term 2 (2020-2021)

Week 3- Friday 20th November

Wow! What a busy week we have had this week.

We have continued with our topic work, focusing on the Iron age. We have learnt all about Skara Brae and how William Watt discovered this back in 1850. Ask the children what Skara Brae was and what was discovered there!

On Wednesday we had a great debate. We were trying to answer the question 'What Stonehenge was built for?' We took it in turns to pretend we were different characters (Historians, Archaeologists and astronomers) and argued our belief of what Stonehenge was created for.

Week 2- Friday 13th November
Today in St. Patrick's class we celebrated World Kindness Day. We talked about how important it was to think about what we say to each other. We looked at how our actions and words could hurt other peoples feelings, so it is important to think before we speak.  
We all created lovely posters with the slogan 'Before you speak think and be smart. It's hard to fix a broken heart.'
Ask the children how we represented our broken hearts!

Week 1- 6th November 2020

Wow! What a busy week we have had to start off term 2.

We have been introduced to our new topic this term which is 'Stone Age to the Iron Age'. We have looked at what it was like in the stone age times and compared this with now! We think that it would have been boring back in the stone age because they didn't have any electricity, the houses we live in today or the different foods we eat nowadays.