Autumn Term 1 (2019-2020)

Year 3 - science update - 11/10/19!
We were all very excited to cut into the previously mentioned celery experiment this week! Please take a look at the photos below to see the results the children saw. The children were immediately able to spot the tiny dots in the flesh of the celery plant, coloured by the food colouring and showing the xylem tubes that transport water through a plant. We passed them round and had a really close look before writing up our experiment and making suggestions for how we could improve it next time! 
Year 3 update!
This week we have been continuing our scientific approach to looking at plants and how they transport the water they need to sustain them. We have set up a class experimental observation, which the children are very excited about! We used celery for the plant and have put the stalks in different pots with food colouring. We have done this to try and see how liquid is transported through plants, through the xylem tubes that run through a plant's stem. 
Stay tuned on our blog for photo updates when we dissect them!!
Outdoor Learning!
Please see a few pictures below from this week's outdoor learning session. The children were very enthused to set up an observational experiment to try and 'see' trees 'breathing'! We learnt that photosynthesis results in plants and trees expelling oxygen from their leaves, along with water vapor. We tied plastic bags around the leaves of some of the trees in our beautiful grounds to try and capture the water, proving that trees do in fact breathe! 
We intend to use these bags in our next outdoor learning session to have a litter pick around our grounds, an idea the children came up with themselves. We all want to protect our environment and the children take this very seriously, so a litter pick fits the bill perfectly!
Year 3 Blog Post:
On my first day of the new year the whole school went to Noah's Ark Zoo Farm on a school trip. I was so excited! I was a bit scared of the tiger because it was so close to us. I loved the workshop, I stroked a snake and held a Madagascan Hissing Cockroach. The gibbons were noisy!
Written by Nia.
Busy times in St. Patrick's Class!
We have been very busy learning lots about plants and Planet Earth in Year 3 recently. The children have been great at getting stuck into their work and producing some really lovely work along the way. We recently had a lesson in which we learnt all about online safety and how to be safe and sensible whilst using the internet. Following this, we used our amazing whole school trip as a stimulus to practise writing a blog post. Please see our blog for an example!
Welcome to the new school year in St Patrick's!
Wow! What an amazing first day back at school we had! The children were delighted to come in to school to a special letter for our class! The letter told us all about our trip to Noah's Ark in Bristol and that we would be being God's ambassadors in taking steps to look after his creations and the world we live in. The children had such a fantastic time looking round the animals and enjoying the outdoor spaces. I must take the opportunity to thank all of our parent helpers, who kindly gave their time up to help make the visit happen - it simply wouldn't have been possible without you, so thank you from all of the staff and children at St Joseph's. Some of the pictures show the children having such a lovely time, we certainly have plenty to reflect upon for our learning and also to build upon through our topic, literacy and science work ahead!