Spring 1 2023

Week beginning 13th February
What an amazing end to Spring 1!
In Child Wellness week, we had a non-uniform day and a thinking day where we came in our Brownies, cubs or Beavers uniforms. Our theme throughout the week was connections and it was interesting to see how unique we all are but how we can connect with each other. We learned about upstairs brain and downstairs brain, as well as 5 a day things that can improve our mental health. Mrs Carr can already see how we are using brain break techniques too!
At the end of the week, we had a STEM day. This was kindly run by Mrs Shipton and we were given resources to help make the day as inspiring as possible! The theme of the day was electronics, and we created electrical circuits to attach to a brush head....making brush monsters! These vibrating brush monsters then whizzed along smooth surfaces- much to our delight! We had an utterly amazing day and can't thank Mrs Shipton enough for her time.
This week is Awe and Wonder week, and we will be having a zoom visit from a Rabbi. We are also working hard in our assessments, showing Mrs Carr that we are the BEST WE CAN BE!
Have a lovely half term and see you in Spring 2!
Week beginning 30th January
We have so much to share with you! 
Firstly, we are absolutely LOVING clarinets and swimming! In both areas we are getting better and better, and when we are asked what our favourite thing of the week was; swimming and clarinets is always number 1! The clarinet is a really tricky instrument to learn, but we can now play two notes with much less squeaking! 
Secondly, we have been enjoying outdoor learning and science. We love making circuits and exploring how electricity works. We have just finished designing an electrical conductors investigation which we can't wait to do next week! In outdoor learning, Mrs Carr challenged us to see if we could make 1m of sticks (without breaking them!) We had to use a lot of team work which was a really good skill for us to learn.
Lastly, we have been learning how to do more child-led prayer. Every afternoon, we pick a stick from the prayer pot- and find the prayer that is on there. We wanted to write our own prayers, so Mrs Carr split us into teams. We wrote a Year 4 prayer, prayer for Faith, prayer for Hope and prayer for Love. Keep an eye on the newsletter as Mrs Carr said they may feature there!
In the last 2 weeks before Half term, we have Child Wellbeing Week to look forward to. Please remember to check the information letter carefully as there is a lot of things going on!

We can't wait!
Week beginning 9th January 2023
Welcome back and Happy New Year!
We have started as we mean to go on, with a lot of enthusiasm and joy to be learning in St George's Class.
Our classroom has been blessed with the Catholic house blessing at Epiphany, and we are making sure we are thinking carefully about how we inspire others to REACH with Faith, Hope and Love.
Everything is very exciting this term!
We've got swimming and clarinets which is really exciting. We are on our second lesson of clarinets and ALL of us can make a decent sound- very little squeaks! Mrs Carr is very impressed about. As well as learning clarinets, we will be learning about the elements of music such as famous musicians, notes and dynamics.
Swimming is also a lot of fun- we are all working really hard to make sure we can swim safely.
As it is the end of our first full week in 2023, we are super tired but we have all been the BEST WE CAN BE!
We can't wait to tell you about our next few weeks!