Summer 1 2022

What a fantastic term Year 4 have had!
The children really have welcomed me into life in Year 4 and have shown me just how amazing they are! We have had great fun learning "cheesy" songs, actions and rhymes to help us with all our learning across the subjects.
In Maths, we have been using objects, songs, actions and rhymes to help us understand fractions and decimals. The children have really shown excellent resilience as it can be tricky to understand at times, but their confidence has grown and grown.
In English, we have enjoyed learning about informal letters and play scripts. The play script was a particular favourite- with the class voting to create their own play script next term in their REACH time.
A particular favourite of the children are the science lessons we have done. From creating water cycles in a bag, to creating our own experiments: the children have loved learning about the different states of matter and investigating reversible reactions.
The Year 4 team wish you all a very restful half term!