Maths at St Joseph's
Mathematics lessons are split into two parts, the main lesson (45 minutes)and Maths On Track (MOT) session (20 minutes). The main lesson is where new concepts are learned, or knowledge and skills are built upon from previous learning. We call this  'Do it.' The children then look at what 'it is and what it's not.' We call this 'Secure it.' Finally, the children are challenged in different contexts, open ended questions and investigations. We call this 'Deepen it.'
A Maths On Track session (MOT) is a session that is used to further deepen understanding, or pick up misconceptions from the children's learning. It is also an opportunity to practice fluency in basic skills including number bonds timetables and formal written methods.  Our aim is to ensure that all children develop mathematical fluency, so that they are able to apply their knowledge to increasingly complex problems over time. 

As subject leader, I ensure that all learning is built upon a progression of skills and knowledge, appropriate to each year group and over time. This ensures that  children know more and remember more.

Knowledge organisers
Below are the knowledge organisers for each term, for each year group. These outline the methods and key concepts that the children have been working on throughout the term. Please use these to refer to when supporting children with homework and additional learning at home.