House Captains

House Captains
September 2022-2023
We now have a new group of enthusiastic house captains for this academic year. Well done to all children who put themselves forward for these roles. Congratulations to the following successful candidates.
Congratulations to the Hawks who earned the most house points in the Autumn Term - September to December 2022. The Hawks house captains are now busy planning some exciting celebratory treats for early in 2023!
On the 20th January, Hawks enjoyed their house treat. We really enjoyed escaping the school hall and eating the delicious doughnuts. We hope to keep working hard in order to get another treat again soon, as this treat was something that we won't forget!
Please look at the photos of out treat.
George (House Captain)
House Captains 
September 2021-2022
Here are our very excited house captains being presented with their badges. Congratulations to all of you!

Falcons - Jack Brown and Maya Britton
Hi Falcons,
It's your house captains, Maya and Jack.
We are very happy to have been voted! We will make sure that all your voices are heard and that everyone gets a say. We will make sure that the treats that we win are the best they can be!
Falcons are:
F - Fun
A - Aspirational
L - Laughing
C - Confident 
O - Opinionated 
N - Never give up
S - Superb!

Hawks - Michael McGinley and Hamish Harper
Hi we are Michael and Hamish (your cool House Captains),
First of all, we would like to thank all the Hawks for all the amazing effort and support you gave us nominating us both for this role. 
We wanted to be House Captains because we want to encourage the Hawks to be the best version of themselves. 
Secondly, we are both very competitive and we help you to try and win sports day, the house singing competition and house treats. We will always listen to your suggestions.
We would like to ask if you could try and get those marbles raining into the pot!
Thank you
from Michael and Hamish 
(the best Hawk House Captains).  

Kestrels - James Turp and Freya 
Hello we are James and Freya your Kestrels house captains.
We need Kestrels to be the best house it can be because we are the best and we need to be raining marbles down into the marbles jar. Kestrels are the only house so far that has won the house singing competition 3 times in a row!
As house captains, we would love you to be...
K = Kindness
E = Empathetic
S = Sharing
T = Terrific
R = Resilient
E = Eager
L = Light- hearted
S = Super

Eagles - Francesca Di Stazio and Faith Bowen
Hi Eagles!
Thank you for voting for us to be your house captains this year. Eagles are like Gryffindor in Harry Potter - we are a strong house with big ideas! So we promise that we will rise to the top this year and never give up. This year, we are going to set you a challenge to get as many marbles as you can in your classes. We will remind all of your teachers to reward you with marbles for good work. 
Hope we can speak to you all again soon. Looking forward to the upcoming competitions (which we will win!). 
E - agles
A - re
G - reat
L - istening
E - xtraordinary
S - mart