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Remote Learning

Inspiring everyone to R.E.A.C.H through

Faith, Hope, Love

January 2022

Coronavirus: St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Remote Learning 

At St Josephs we have been working together to develop our strategy for remote learning whatever the scenario. We are committed to continuing to provide the best quality of education that that we are able even when the children are not able to attend school. We intend to offer immediate access to remote education for children who for whatever reason are unable to attend school. 

We  will continue to make use of Microsoft Teams to provide the virtual learning platform for remote learning. All children have been given a school email address and password to use when logging into Microsoft 365. Please ensure that you know what this is and the your child is able to access the platform at all times. 




                                          Learning we will offer


Your child is off  school with symptoms waiting for a test


  •  Your child is unwell and is not expected to do any school work
  •   Your child is well enough to do school work, they become a                 ‘virtual’ member of the class and are able to join their class via their class TEAM.


Child off school, family isolating for 7 days



  • Class teachers will continue to teach in class.
  •  Your child/children will be able to live stream into their classroom to join the teaching and learning virtually via their class TEAM.          
  • Your child/children will send their work to teachers via TEAMS and where appropriate, teachers will respond/give feedback. 


Teacher self-isolating for 7 days



  • Your child’s class teacher will deliver lessons to her class from home via TEAMS.
  • Class teachers will follow as normal a school timetable as possible.
  • The class teaching assistant will support the children during the lessons in the classroom at school.
  • A HLTA may be redeployed to support the class.


Class is sent Home. 






  • Class teachers will deliver lessons to their class through their class TEAM. This may be live and or pre-recorded depending on which is most appropriate.
  •  A timetable for the week will be set in the class channel.
  •  Your child will be able to access TEAMS from home using their own unique email and password.
  • Class teaching assistants join the class during these lessons and will support a group/individuals in break our rooms as directed by the class teacher.


School closes

National Lockdown






  • Critical worker and vulnerable children will remain in school.
  • Class Teachers will deliver lessons to their class through their class TEAM from their classroom. This may be live or pre-recorded depending on which is more appropriate.
  • Teachers set a time table in TEAMs at the start of the week. Teaching will be as close to a normal teaching week as possible. Children will access TEAMS from home using their own unique email and password or at school if they are a critical worker or vulnerable child.
  • Teaching Assistants will be in the classroom supporting teaching and learning with the class teacher. They will support a group/individuals as directed by the class teacher.


Teachers off sick and unable to teach


  • If school is open, cover will be provided where possible in school, TA’s will follow a home learning page prepared by the class teacher.
  •  If school is closed or a class is sent to self isolate, parents and children will be directed to a home learning page on the school website using specific Oak Academy lessons.

At St Joseph’s we aim to inspire our children to REACH through faith, hope and love, to be the best that they can be in all that they do. During these times, more than ever, we all need to be;


Resilient - never giving up,

Empathetic - loving one another, thinking of others and how they might be feeling,

Aspirational- on their journey to being what they want to be,

Confident - to give new challenges a go

Have high expectations of themselves – being the best that they can be in all that they do.


'Even though our 'classrooms' may not be in school, our Catholic faith continues to be at the heart of our practice. During these unsettled times, with God's grace, we aim to be tolerant of and understanding towards those in our school community who may be anxious or uncertain, worried about their own or family members health, or struggling with the impact of COVID 19 on their daily lives. The St Joseph's Team will work together to REACH in all that it does to help and support our pupils' wellbeing and learning.'


Our aim is to continue to inspire, whatever the challenges, through our TEAMS teaching.