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Let's Connect - Mental Health Week 2023

Children's Mental Health Week 2023

Each year there is a different theme for Children's Mental Health Week. The theme for Children's Mental Health Week 2023 is 'Let's Connect'


This theme encouraged us to explore how we can cultivate meaningful connections in our lives to support our mental health and wellbeing. Connecting healthily with others is a key part of living a fulfilling life and feeling loved, cared for and safe. 


We discussed important topics, such as feeling lonely, making friends and healthy relationships.

Taking Notice - Connecting to our thoughts and feelings
'Take Notice' is connected to mindfulness – it encourages children to notice and accept their current thoughts and feelings, whilst staying in the present moment.  
During Mental Health Week, the children were read a relaxation script whilst listening to soothing music. Music and mindfulness can help us feel connected.