Spring Term 2 (2021-2022)

Spring 2, Week 5

EMERGENCY! We need a Dentist!
This week the children learned all about Firefighters! The focus text was 'Topsy and Tim: Go to the Dentist' by Jean and Gareth Adamson.
The children have spent the week learning about visits to Dentists, what happens there and the importance of keeping our teeth healthy and clean. Reception children were able to talk about their own experiences at the dentist and knew that they have to brush their teeth twice a day - once in the morning and once at night.
During independent learning time the children have been developing their number and phonics knowledge by partitioning numbers, counting objects, practising addition number sentences, making repeated patterns and writing labels, captions and sentences for the things that they have made. I have been so impressed with their focus and love for learning! In God Matters this week, the children were learning about the miracle of 'The Healing of the Blind Man'. The children worked in pairs to support one another when wearing a blindfold and walking across the classroom. Each child had the opportunity to wear the blindfold and experience what it may have been like to have been blind. The children were incredibly respectful and reflective when discussing how it might have felt to have experienced this miracle.
Spring 2, Week 4

EMERGENCY! We need a Firefighter!
This week the children learned all about Firefighters! The focus text was 'Topsy and Tim Meet the Firefighters' which helped the children to learn all the amazing things that Firefighters do!
The children have had such busy days, taking part in firefighter activities! They have coloured in fire engine pictures, explored mixing paint to make the colour orange for flames, wrote their name and tricky words in the 'shaving foam fire', ordered numbers 1 - 10 on small flames, worked together to complete firefighter puzzles, explored making words in the funky fingers station and so much more! Reception have been learning about firefighters from the past and the present day! The children found it fascinating comparing and contrasting firefighter uniforms and tools from over the years. 
As it is Mothering Sunday this weekend, the children created beautiful cards using their handprints and finger prints, which Mummy's can treasure for years to come!
Spring 2, Week 3

EMERGENCY! We need a Police Officer!
This week the children learned all about Police Officers! Reception really enjoyed the focus text 'Police Officers on Patrol!' by Kersten Hamilton. The children have written fact files, WANTED posters and Police reports, as well as examining fingerprints and building police cars in the outdoor area. The children have been busy painting pictures, and developing their mathematical skills by matching the numeral on the car to the correct Police Officer and driving the emergency vehicles to the correct house number! Reception explored new vocabulary and have been busy investigating crime scenes!
The children have also been exploring 'Growth' for British Science Week and have been exploring plants, flowers and the growth in humans! Reception enjoyed measuring each other with pieces of string and ordering their peers in height order!  
Spring 2, Week 2

EMERGENCY! We need a Builder!
This week, Reception looked at Builders - what they do, what they wear and drive and how they help us. The children listened to the focus text and thoroughly enjoyed exploring the independent learning activities that were on offer throughout the week. Reception worked together to build wonderful creations, both indoors and outside. They learned all about builders and wrote fact files to add to our class book about 'People Who Help Us'. Look at the photos to see all of the wonderful things Reception made!
Spring 2, Week 1

EMERGENCY! We need a Doctor!
This term's theme is 'People Who Help Us'. Reception learned all about Doctor's this week. They enjoyed exploring the new role play are - 'the doctor's surgery'. Reception wrote a fact file about Doctor's and acted out all the jobs that Doctor's do, including giving their baby dolls plasters, bandages and lots and lots of injections and medicine! The children developed their fine motor skills at the Funky Fingers station, where they used pins to create a doctor cross. During independent learning time the Reception used a variety of large objects to build their own hospitals and doctor surgeries, as well as making x-ray machines! The children were provided with many writing opportunities around the class environment and have been demonstrating their fantastic phonics and writing skills, as well as developing their mathematical knowledge exploring addition number sentences to 6. 
This week Reception were very lucky to experience our 'Lent Retreat' as we prepare for Easter. All children were extremely respectful and enjoyed learning about the Easter story with Year 5.
On Thursday the children dressed up as red crayons for our focus text 'The Day The Crayons Quit' for World Book Day. They created impressive 'Story in a Jar' and enjoyed taking part in our world book day activities.
Well done Reception, you have had a fantastic first week back!