Year 4

Monday 28th June 2021
What a brilliant start to our Health Week!
On Monday, we were lucky enough to be taught some football skills by Mr Jordan. We particularly enjoyed scoring and saving goals. We also enjoyed 'The Sports Project', where we learnt how to run faster using the 'hip to lip' technique. In the afternoon, we learnt about the digestive system and the important organs in our bodies. 

Tuesday 29th June 2021

We had a fantastic day on Tuesday for Sports Day. The children tried their very best in every activity and enjoyed the delicious ice creams from the PTA to cool down after. 

Wednesday 30th June 2021 
We enjoyed the school picnic and the sun came out for us. We enjoyed eating on our picnic blankets and playing with our friends all afternoon.
Thursday 1st July 2021

On Thursday, we were fortunate to meet and train with Jack Rutter a Paralympian. He was so inspirational and taught us to be the best we can be. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored the children which has allowed us to take part in a fun-filled circuit alongside a Great British athlete. Then, Madame Lai taught us some verbs in French and we were able to use our learning to sing and dance to a song. In the afternoon, we learnt where different food comes from. We used an atlas to locate countries on a map. 

We have had a brilliant week in Saint George's Class!