Summer Uniform


Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5:-

Golden yellow checked dress, grey v-neck pullover or cardigan with school badge, white socks black shoes (no trainers or sandals).

Year 6  - golden yellow checked dress or white polo shirt with school badge, grey skirt, trousers or shorts, white socks and black shoes (no trainers or sandals)

Boys - whole school 

White polo shirt with school badge, trousers or shorts, grey socks and black school shoes (no trainers)

 Winter Uniform

Grey blazer, grey v-neck pullover or cardigan with school badge, white shirt, grey tunic, skirt, trousers or shorts, grey or white socks, grey tights, gold tie, black shoes (no trainers).

Sports  Uniform

Navy shorts, house coloured t-shirt, white sport socks, black plimsoll/trainers, blue/black tracksuit bottoms, grey school hoodie.

Alternative sports:  Hooded tops NO STRIPES OR BRANDING PLEASE.

Any alternative sportswear should not have any stripes or branding please


Uniform may be purchased from Batemans in Stroud.


If your child has hair that is shoulder length, it must be tied back at all times. A completely shaved head would be deemed unsuitable as would partially shaved heads, tramlines/designs. Hair should be no shorter than a no.2.

Jewellery, hair accessories, nail varnish and tattoos are not to be worn at school. Anything that is worn in a child’s hair should be in school colours and modest, no big bows, clips or hairbands.


If earrings are being worn, due to health and safety reasons, only small studs are acceptable. They must be removed for PE lessons or covered with tape.

Young children find laces difficult, please avoid these when your child starts school. Buckles or Velcro are often more practical solutions. Children should only wear shoes with laces when they are able to tie them themselves – this includes footwear for PE.

Please label your child’s school shoes and wellies. The shoes are often the same and are very difficult to tell the difference when there are children with the same shoe in the same size.