Autumn Term 1 (2020-2021)

Autumn 2, Week 5
'We are Leaders in Faith'
What an exciting morning we have had! Following our Advent Retreat last Thursday, we have started to learn all about the Advent Wreath and now know which each part of the wreath represents. We used evergreens, berries and candles to make a wreath for all of the classes in the school.
Take a look below to see our creations!
Autumn 1, Week 6
'We are first aid champions'
This term, the children have started to learn about First Aid and they are currently working towards their 'First Aid Champion' certificates. Here is some role play we were working on for our REACH activity. It illustrates what you need to do if you suspect someone has a broken arm.
(The children are playing on the trampoline in a garden. Child A falls off and breaks his arm)
- The Child B checks to see if he is ok.
- Child C calls for help from an adult.
- Child B finds something to support his arm with (in this case - a coat!)
- Adult asks Child C to call an ambulance and tells Child A that he is going to take him to the hospital!
We can also:
- Describe what First Aid means
- Recognise risk and know how to get rid of a risk (always ask an adult!)
- What to do if someone is having an Asthma Attack
Autumn 1, Week 5
'We are researchers'
This week, we have started to learn all about David Attenborough and used our new knowledge to write biographies about him. We started by retelling a biography and then used this information to write our own.
Did you know - David Attenborough has 10 plants and animals named after him!
Autumn 1, Week 3
'We are runners!'
This week, we started a 'mini - marathon' challenge where we all had to run 2.6 miles to achieve a certificate. We didn't give up and encouraged our each other along the way. We had to run around our allocated space in the outdoor area 52 times!
Autumn Term 1, Week 1 and 2
What a fabulous start to Year 2! I am so proud of all of the children and how well they have adapted into our new 'normal'.
'We are Mathematicians'
We have had lots of fun in Maths so far, solving problems and using a range of resources to help us to represent numbers. Here are some of the children using deinnes to represent different numbers.
Here, the children were using number cards to make 2-digit numbers. They were playing a game where they had to plot their 2-digit numbers without their partner plotting a number in between their own plots. It was a great challenge!