Summer Term 1 2023

Summer 1 Week 1


Welcome to the summer term! This term began with us starting our fieldwork project, looking at the amount of daisies in the field. We are investigating if there are more daisies in the North, South, East or West of the field and using a compass to direct ourselves. The children worked in groups to conduct their experiment, placing a hoop in each corner of the field and counting the amount of daisies. We then recorded our data in a table, and will be making graphs next week.


In RE this week we have begun our unit on Easter, looking at the various ways Jesus revealed himself to his followers after his resurrection. Year 3 have been making some incredibly insightful observations, and working on growing in their faith.

Summer 1 Week 2


Year 3 have worked amazingly hard this week to produce some excellent graphs. We worked slowly and carefully with high expectations of ourselves to produce neat and accurate work. This makes it a lot easier for us to see which area of the field has the most daisies – and they look lovely too!


We have also begun looking at a variety of maps of Europe. Year 3 have examined the atlases and used them to find and label the countries of Europe on their own map. We have been working with confidence to identify the correct country and produce accurate work.


Our REACH activity on playground games has begun! We have all loved practicing tag, and the children have really enjoyed playing wink murder. We have all enjoyed a confidence boost through this and are looking forward to organising more games!

Summer 1 Week 3


This week we have begun two new topics, time in Maths and newspaper articles in English.


Over the next few weeks, children will be looking at the key features of newspaper articles in preparation to write their own about a very brave boy who climbed a ginormous beanstalk. Hold the front page!


Our unit on time builds on what the children have been learning about in Year 2. We have set our aspirations high and began by identifying time past and to the hour. I have been blown away by the resilience I have seen this week!


We continue to enjoy our REACH Activity of playground games. We have been working on showing confidence and empathy towards others while thinking creatively. Our favourite game so far has been Stuck in the Mud! We were lucky enough to share our skills on Friday afternoon with Year 2. It was so much fun to all play together in the hall!

Summer 1 Week 4


This week Year 3 have celebrated the coronation of King Charles III with a whole school picnic on the field. We have made bunting, themed around a Coronation Big Lunch. Many pupils chose to draw cupcakes for the king – we had a fantastic variety of all colours of the rainbow! It was amazing to see the whole school enjoying the sun and playing games.


In PE we have also been working on our Rounders skills, looking at how to bat and bowl a ball. Our skills are improving, and it won’t be long until we are playing proper games together. The children have enjoyed working in teams together and growing their confidence in this area.

Summer 1 Week 5


This week Year 3 have enjoyed starting our new topic in Literacy: Fables. We have looked at a variety of fables and discussed the morals of each story. Some children have even brought in Fables from home to read to the class – what an amazing treat! We are excited to write our own soon!


We have also looked at France in Geography this week, looking at the different kinds of economic activity. We discussed how important tourism is to the country. Did you know that France gets the most amount of tourists in the world?


In our fieldwork this week we redid our daisy experiment – counting daisies in the North, South, East and West of the field. We have hugely grown in confidence in this, and managed to make our experiment much less biased - maintaining our high expectations.