Summer Term 1 (2020-2021)

Week 3

We have had a very busy week in Year 3 with the children working hard in all their work, especially God Matters where the children have shared some lovely prayers of thankfulness this week in class.   Some of these prayers of thankfulness were:

- school being open

- fun lessons

- family and friends

- a grandparent’s recovery from surgery

- our planet


During God Matters we have also been deepening our understanding of John 21: 1-20 when Jesus appeared to Peter discussing and learning what it means to ‘feed the lambs’, ‘take care of the sheep’ and ‘feed the sheep’. The children have shared some lovely ways that they can encourage and be encouraged to do this, just as Peter was encouraged to do by Jesus.


At their desks, in Literacy, the children have been using ‘where’ sentence openers.


Our Maths focus this week has learning Roman Numerals and telling the time on an analogue clock in one minute intervals.


The Year 3’s have been enjoying RHE this week where they have been creating role play scenarios to explore various first aid situations including a house fire, a burn, a seizure and a drowning.


Week 2

Literacy – this week we have been busy with a Big Write and the class worked so well together creating actions to help us remember our adventure story all about Kassim and the Greedy Dragon.


Handwriting – We have been working so hard in Year 3 with our handwriting over recent weeks, and it is really showing, the children have been delighting Mrs Lynham with their amazing work.


Maths – We have been continuing our work with our fractions this week, by adding, subtracting, comparing and finding equal fractions. We look forward to moving onto time next week. 


French – We have had another fun lesson with Mrs Barron building on our French language knowledge. We are learning instructions such as stand up and sit down.


During lunch the children still continue to be so creative with what we have available to us; including setting up a ‘funfair’ with games to play and ‘prizes’ -  Mrs Daly even ‘won’ a tennis racket on Tuesday.

Week 1

What an exciting return to school it has been! The children have been working so hard this week, and really REACHing in all they do. 


In Literacy we have been writing newspaper reports on Edward Jenner, and really focusing on our conjunctions and prepositions.


We have seen our marvellous mathematicians excelling in their fractions work again. Super work Year 3!


Like the rest of the school, we are lucky to have our usual PE session, as well as a Cricket training session on Fridays this term – and what super skills we have.

Finally, this term we are able to enjoy a daily ‘picnic’ on the field with our lunches.  The children have been so creative with their games and equipment, creating ‘bands’ with tennis rackets and playing games together and showcasing their gymnastic skills.