Autumn 1 2022-2023

Week beginning 20th September
What a busy two weeks we have had in Year 4! 
We started Year 4 fantastically; meeting new class members, meeting our new adults and learning the new routines really quickly. We enjoyed a circus theme start to celebrate the fact a circus came to Nympsfield!
From circus literacy, to creating a classification key of circus animals, we had great fun!
Then, sadly, the news broke that our beloved Queen had died. We spent some time praying and reflecting on her great work over her long reign and we created a little display to help us remember her.
With a bit of a sombre mood, we embraced our REACH values all through our second week of Year 4. We flourished in confidence with our Maths, and started learning how to write a newspaper article. We started our work on maps and climates in Geography, and had a go at classifying animals we hadn't seen before in science. Mrs Carr was SO impressed with all our Resilience, Confidence and High Expectations in all the work we did.
We can't wait to see what week 3 has in store for us!