Summer 1 2023

Week beginning 15th May
What a shock a 5 day week has been!
Luckily, we took it all in our stride and have enjoyed doing lots of learning this week.
We especially enjoyed learning about the Ascension of Jesus in Liturgical prayer and how to be a witness of Jesus in Religious Education. We would like to share 2 pieces of work with you about how to be a witness of Jesus.
Piece 1: By Olivia
Being a witness is not an easy job. There are a few things you need to know before you can start. Let's start with what a witness is.
What is a witness?
A witness is where we believe in someone. For example, we weren't around when Jesus was. We didn't see him do all the wonderful miracles but we believe because we have faith and hope which helps us believe. This also helps us know what we don't have to see to believe! One of the Disciples didn't believe it was Jesus until he saw the scars on Jesus' hands. This tells us that sometimes, even if it's hard, we should try to have trust and believe in God.
What qualities should you show?
The main qualities when being a witness of God are compassion, kindness, gentleness and patience. You should forgive people always and try to reflect all the good things God or Jesus did. You can start by showing kindness, for example, if someone felt ashamed or like they aren't good reassure them. Remind them how God loves them always no matter what and you believe in them. This might result in them feeling reassured or that they can do it. This is reflecting Jesus' behaviour and his purity.
Piece 2: By Alice
You can be a witness of Jesus in many different ways and you can help others be the same.
Jesus and God both trusted us to be a witness of their love and life. We show resilience by never giving up on our Catholic faith and hope for a brighter future. We show empathy by loving everyone around us and give an option for the poor while being a steward of the Earth. We show aspirations by always believing so we can follow what's in the Bible. They showed confidence like us "let there be peace" (Colossians 3:12-17) by having confidence in the peace staying in all generations to come. The disciples showed High expectations by trying their hardest to spread the word of Jesus.
Week beginning 8th May
Another 4 day week! We could get used to this!
This week, we have been SUPER busy learning about fractions, finishing off our play scripts and starting a new English journey, learning about the life of a river and writing prayers for our new King!
At the end of the week, we had our amazing Coronation celebration! Our bunting was the highlight to the day for us, because we had so much fun making it. Mrs Carr put the bunting in a box with some blobs of paint and we rolled marbles through the paint and other the bunting! We LOVED how it turned out, and some of us went home to try it at home too!
On the coronantion celebration, we had fun playing games with the Sports Coaches, we played on the log trail and we made wild crowns! The wild crowns was an official activity from the King and celebrates his love for our environment.
We have to remember to come to school on Monday now! 
Week beginning 24th April
What an amazing week! We have really been focusing on community and participation in everything we do, and this has helped us work as teams and understand our responsibilities within our school community.
Mrs Carr was really impressed with how well we were all helping each other, especially in RE when groups of us were helping each other remember our key words.
On Monday we started our Times table World Cup! We worked SO hard to get as many correct answers as we could. Last time (November 2022), we had an accuracy of 66% and came 5th. This time, we had an accuracy of 81% and came 2nd! Sadly, Emile (the company who ran the competition) are not running any more, but we had so much fun doing the best we could. We did lead a few times too!
On Friday, Mrs Knight and the Year 6's came to share their writing with us. We were so inspired by their fronted adverbials, powerful language and scene setting paragraphs. The Year 6's were so encouraging to us too, pointing out all our amazing work. We all feel very proud of our work and inspired to make our next piece of writing even better.
Have a lovely bank holiday weekend!
Week beginning 1st May
Even though it has been a 4 day week, we have still managed to be super busy!
On Tuesday, we received the astonishing news that we had qualified for the Times Table National Championships!! We were in a league with 41 other schools and finished a very respectable 15th! Our accuracy increased to 87% too which proved to us that the more we practice, the better we get!
In Literacy we have been LOVING playscripts. We have been planning our own playscript and have had a go at writing one together. We really love sharing and acting out or playscripts with each other and can't wait to write ours in our Purple Write book!
This month, it is the Month of Mary. We have been learning how to pray the rosary and we have taken opportunities throughout the day for personal prayer. 
Have a wonderful coronation weekend!
Week beginning 17th April
Welcome back to Summer term 1! We have all had a lovely Easter break and are ready to get stuck into our learning again!
This term's topic is Wet, Wet, Wet so we have been starting our learning about water. Firstly, we had to understand about reversible we made our own crayons! This is something we can do at home (with adult supervision!). First we grated some crayons, then we added heat energy to turn the solid into a liquid. Then, we took the heat energy away to turn the liquid into a solid again. Mrs Carr is keeping them as a surprise until next week- we can't wait to see what they look like!
Next week is also really exciting as it is the Emile Times Table World Cup league. Last time we came 4th so we are hoping to do better. We have been practicing our times tables a lot ready for June so this should help us WIN! 
Finally, we have just started a Literacy unit on play scripts. We all are SO excited by this!
See you next time!