Music at St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Our music scheme, Charanga, supports the requirements of the National Curriculum for Music and provides comprehensive lesson plans, clear progression and engaging and exciting resources to support every lesson. The learning within the scheme is based upon listening and appraising, musical activity and performing.  We are using the in-built assessments provided within the scheme to monitor progress. 

We also encourage singing opportunities wherever possible. Weekly hymn practice which encourages every child in school to learn and sing different songs, Harvest Celebration, Key Stage 1 Nativity, Key Stage 2 Carol Concert, Year 6 production, house music competition and singing in mass.

As well as encouraging singing and teaching from our music scheme, we offer a wide range of peripatetic lessons. These include:

-     Singing

-     Violin

-     Guitar

-     Piano

-     Wind

Please take a look at how we implement and measure the impact of Music at St Joseph's in the Music intent, implement and impact document below.

Music Lessons
Peripatetic Lessons
Rock Riffs for Kids and Beginners
Rich, the guitar man, has very kindly provided us with a link to access 40-50 simplified rock riffs for children to learn a play. 
This is available to the children who have guitar lessons in school but also to anyone who has a guitar at home or is looking to learn a new skill.
The website is, just go to the kids zone and you can see and download from there. You can also click the link below which will take you directly to the resources.