As part of their computing curriculum our children are encouraged to be creative and exploratory, using technology purposefully to make a range of digital content.
As you are aware computers and computing are now an unavoidable part of everyday life and it is essential that we equip our children with the skills and knowledge to not only use digital technologies effectively but also safely and responsibly. As a result, it is an important part of our school curriculum, building on the skills developed previously and teaching children the new skills that are now required. Here at St. Joseph’s we teach computing using the “Rising Stars: Switched on Computing” scheme of work, which supports all skills and objectives outlined in the National Curriculum.

The new curriculum puts a clearer emphasis on three areas of learning:

  • Computer science - how computers work and how to write algorithms and solve problems to eventually create a computer program.
  • Information technology - how data is represented and managed on computers.
  • Digital literacy - how to understand digital information and interact with it safely and appropriately.

The aim of the new framework is to build an understanding of how computers work and how they can be used in pupils’ lives - both in their future employment and in enabling them to be good 21st Century global citizens. Because of this, our computing curriculum and teaching at Saint Joseph's incorporates an array of digital skills, progressing in difficulty (right the way from Reception through to Year 6) covering:

  • Programming
  • Computational thinking
  • Creativity
  • Computer networks
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Productivity
  • Online safety
At the heart of our curriculum is “Digital Literacy”. Through digital literacy, your children will be taught the importance of using technologies safely, appropriately and responsibly. The documents attached or linked (at the bottom of the page) will help you support your children in reinforcing this at home. In addition to the links, please also see some guidance surrounding popular social media and online games or platforms.
Our staff are passionate about the use of technology for communication, creation and collaboration throughout the curriculum and therefore in addition to the teaching and learning within our school day, we also have various after-school clubs which link to the Computing Curriculum. However, if you have any suggestions or questions please contact our Computing Lead, Miss Crisp – through the office or on the playground.