Ofsted Report

St Joseph’s Pre-school has been rated as 'Good' in an Ofsted inspection which took place in May 2017.  We have a strong history of offering 'good' provision and are pleased to be continuing to build on this.

The inspector's report stated that ‘the manager is conscientious and has an ambitious vision. She and her team have high expectations and are committed to improving outcomes for children’.  It praised the setting for ‘children settle well and are happy and secure in this welcoming pre-school. They have a good relationship with staff and one another. Older and younger children learn to play cooperatively together and be respectful to each other's capabilities and needs’. Also, ‘the close relationship with the adjoining school supports all children's awareness of school life. Time spent meeting teaching staff and visiting the school throughout their time at pre-school, supports the expected move into school to be a positive experience’.


You can download our latest inspection report through the link. Or visit the Ofsted website (www.ofsted.gov.uk) and search via our URN EY299203 and postcode (GL10 3TY), where you will be able to view current and past inspection reports for St Joseph’s Pre-school