Year 6 Leavers

Teacher Awards - from Miss Crisp and Mrs Ferris 

Oscar Artz

For being the biggest dark horse in regard to his drama skills.

Maisie Beard

For being most likely to be caught subtly posing on Teams.

Molly Bradley-Steele

For always putting in 110% effort in regard to her effort and working extra hard at home.

Wren Clements

For being most likely to be caught swinging on their chair.

Amber Dalby

For being most likely to snap a bone in a gust of wind. 

Isabelle D’Arcy

For being most likely to make peculiar noises or make the most tenuous of links to football. 

Caleb Gowie

For the most improved handwriting across the year! Also for being the most likely to be found in a headband getting his hair brushed on the school field! 

Francesca Pearse

For being the most likely not to finish her work and then pull it out of the bag at the last minute.

Laila Holloway

For being the most likely to argue with a teacher and then argue that she is not arguing.

Leo Lai

For being most likely to come out with a random maths fact for example, "What is a number with 13 zeros is called".

Leah Lavis

For being most likely to be shouting outside of the gate but turn quiet as a mouse once in school.

Daisy Lowe

For being most likely to be talking about all things Roblox.

Eliza Mace

For being the most likely to have a sassy answer to anything and everything, flicking her hair in the process.

Tilly Madden

Award for having the best hair and for being a truly great friend always.

Isabel McGinley

For being most likely to be found writing using fairy sized letters, although this has improved so much!

Claudia Morgan-Dykes

For being most likely to be found ‘accidentally’ burping really loudly!

Emily Niven

For being the most likely to write the most random and extravagant stories in literacy, using the most amazing vocabulary.

Summer O’Reilly

Award for having secret sass that is only exposed in front of friends, not adults

Naomi Price

Award for being the quietest member of the class even when she is supposed to be noisy!

Zac Reid

For being the most likely to be talking in a theatrical voice at any given point or opportunity, interrupting adults at all times – with excitement. 

Amelia Ritchie

For being the most likely to talk about their guinea pigs - I'll miss the updates next year!

Ashton Sanders

For being the most likely to be found smiling at myself of Mrs Ferris, murmuring something amusing to himself under his breath. 

Niamh Soares

For being least likely to enjoy being called Niamhy, also most likely to become an artist when they are older.

Joseph Staff

For being most likely to be found whispering some sort of sarcastic comment or talking about chickens.

Samuel Stewart extravagant 

For being most likely to ask if something needs to be finished or to leave his chair untucked.

Fitch Thurlow 

For being most likely to give a cheeky smile when being reminded of what he should be doing.

Kobe Timbrell

For being most likely to be acting his heart out in the school performance.

Elsa White

For being most likely to one day herself be a teacher, especially after all the training of being a helping hand to each and every adult in school.

Rose Whitehead

For being most likely to be found mooing at breaktime or creating some sort of extravagant dance routine.

Y6 Trophies - from Miss Crisp and Mrs Ferris





For always being a honest, friendly and compassionate member of our class. Elsa consistently obeys the school rules and considers others around her. She is an excellent role model to her peers, is always passionate about her learning and helps those who are not in a position to help themselves. 


  Isabelle D’Arcy  

For being a dedicated and passionate chaplaincy team member across the whole of KS2. Isabelle has undoubtedly shown a commitment to her faith and has encouraged her peers and others around her to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. 


   Leo Lai  

For being such a talented pianist – playing so very beautifully for our end of year performance (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat) and also brightening up our mornings on TEAMs with a variety of differing renditions. 


  Leah Lavis  

For being a dedicated athlete, always keen to develop her skills in any given sport. She has showed great sportsmanship and has evidenced great progression across the curriculum. Both Ollie and Steph agreed whole-heartedly with this and praised Leah for consistently giving 110%.


  Niamh Soares   

For producing excellent artwork across the year and taking her learning further at home. Niamh consistently converses, with her peers and teachers alike, about what her next project may be and always explores differing medium – taking risks in her work. 

Dance and Performing Arts: 

  Eliza Mace   

Eliza undoubtedly transforms into her character during each and every rehearsal or performing arts activity. She never falters when in role and considers even the most minor of things in order to portray her character unreservedly. Her Mrs Potiphar persona has painted smiles across all of our faces in Year 6, during our rehearsals, and I’m sure will be a lasting memory for many.

As part of our final week, here in Year 6 we have been considering some of our favourite memories from our time at Saint Josephs – here are a selection of our top memories… 

  1. Our first memory was when Miss Crisp was taking a class picture, Ashton (not realising what was about to be captured) pulled the most glorious smiley face, which was very much enjoyed by all when zoomed in upon!
  2. Much to the enjoyment of some of her closest friends (and pretty much everyone in the class) another favourite memory was when Amelia fell into a hole at break time – of course the rest of Year 6 did not respond with laughter!
  3. Amelia shared a very fond memory that occurred during Y2, in which Emily (during a handwriting lesson) couldn’t contain her excitement to do cursive numbers. But don’t worry Y6 this is something on the curriculum in Year 7!
  4. Much to the delight of Elsa, one of her favourite memories occurred in Y3, whereby the field was evacuated due to a cow that was actually Teddy (Sammy’s cat). Poor old Mr Walton!
  5. Somehow lost in the editing process (we are unsure why), one of Y6s favourite memories included Mrs Ferris, Miss Crisp and Ashton collaborating as a cheerleading team during rehearsals – pom poms and all. Go Team!
  6. Of course, another memory surrounds our honorary member of Saint David’s class – Sushi – who is a bit like Elf on the Shelf but a lot less naughty!
  7. An additional fond memory of Saint David’s class surrounds Eliza opening her own nail salon. Of course, first in line was Sammy Stewart and Zac Reid, desperate for a manicure and (so say disappointed) that this couldn’t be removed for days.
  8. Look out Britain’s Got Talent – our next memory surrounded Miss Crisp and Mrs Ferris invading the stage during Joseph rehearsals to perform a stunning synchronised dance, with a mouldy melon. Much to the surprise of Isabelle D’Arcy who was singing Close Every Door – what a way to set the scene! 
  9. This memory need no introduction. Please see Miss Crisp’s famous photo of her coaching Ronaldo in her younger years – I haven’t aged a day. 
  10. Getting back to her roots, another much cherished memory included Isabelle D testing out informal language in Literacy – “you comin’ round my ends bruv.” 
  11.  “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No – it is Fitch splits.” A memory that certainly got us giggling was Fitch’s splits in Y3 – ripping his trousers as he took off from the floor. One giant leap for mankind, one massive rip for Fitch’s trousers. 
  12. Just a question, “Do I have to finish these memories Sammy?”. Of course this is never anything similar to what Sammy may ask during every lesson. 
  13. A special shout out next goes to Mrs Barron, who saved the class from a deadly, terrifying and hideous creature found residing in the Y3 boiler cupboard. Yes, you’ve guessed it. Mrs Barron saved the children from a mouse – not the Gruffalo.
  14. Taking inspiration from Verucca Salt (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) Amelia (our very own Verucca) is famous for telling Stef and Ollie off, because every time she loses her famous catch phrase reveals itself – “It’s not fair!”
  15. Miss Crisp and Mrs Ferris’ favourite memory surrounds Isabelle’ revelation that England are in fact the best football team – after having to say this to Ollie and Stef after losing a bet. It is coming home Isabelle! Wales who?
  16. Singing Go Go Go Joseph at any point we need to say Joseph’s name – even in the register. Much to his delight, I have also ensured this is passed onto Wycliffe in his transition pack as a way for him to be addressed next year. 
  17. After having been to the salon for a beauty treatment Miss Crisp arrived in school relaxed and much pampered, that was until Zac told Miss Crisp she had angry bird eyebrows! Your cards have been marked Zac. 

During our last mass as Year 6 together, we collaboratively shared this poem, encouraging us to be the best we can be

Welcome to your future.
New beginnings here and new rules.
New classrooms, new computers, new timetables,
new faces here, new corridors, new signs.
But some things change, some stay the same.
And some truths last all time.
You'll take out what you put in, you'll reap just what you sow.
So face the test and do your best, work hard, play hard and grow,
and play a full and active part in school and its community.
Be pleased to say, "I seized the day, I used this opportunity."
Remember that you're different, there's no-one quite like you.
But make good friends, the ones who lend a hand to get you through.
Remember, keep your head up even if you fear you'll drown.
Achieving is believing mixed with never looking down.
And think about your future, and find a hope, a dream.
Put action in your action plan and build yourself a team
made of parents, made of teachers, made of family and friends,
from this position make a mission for a trip that never ends.
And so, always keep on learning, there's always more to know.
It may sound strange but you can always change,
it's never too late to grow.
So don’t let anybody try and sneer and hold you back,
your history is not your future,
so don't ever feel like that.
Because our town has a history of producing boys and girls
who, from humble roots, pull up their boots and go on to change the world.
And so people just like you and me can do very special things,
aim higher, be high-flyers, be bold, unfold your wings.
And so gain an education, learn skills, gain facts and knowledge,
and then take the inspiration through to jobs, careers and college.
And so make the most of these days, this school and these facilities.
Take off the brakes, be sure to make the best of your abilities.
Respect yourself and others, have confidence, it's essential.
If you keep a burning urge to learn you'll reach your full potential.
And so do things that you're proud of and let everybody see
you've passed the test, you've done your best,
to be the best that you can be.