Year 1

Health Week 2021
Year One have had so much fun over the past week!
On Monday the children took part in a session from 'The Sports Project' where they focused on running and team work. Year One loved football with Mr Jordan, later that morning, where the children practiced running and dribbling with a football, passing and scoring goals!
On Tuesday Year One blew me away with their determination throughout Sports Day. Every child took all activities and races seriously, had fun and were such good sports! The day ended eating Rocket Ice Lollies on the field which was a lovely surprise! 
On Wednesday the children learned about eating healthily and focused on the 'Eatwell Plate', looking at portion sizes and types of food. Later in the day, the children made their own healthy pizzas and enjoyed eating them together at the Whole School Picnic!
On Thursday Year One were able to take part in a ballet session with Madame Lai which was so much fun! They then had Jack Rutter, a Paralympian, deliver a sponsored circuit which Year One really enjoyed.
On Friday Year One had a visit from the Tooth Fairy!! She taught the children different ways to keep their teeth healthy and look after them. She showed Year One what funny costumes Dentists have to wear at this current time and explained what trips to the Dentist involve. The afternoon focused on mental health and well-being. The children learned about 'The Power of Yet', not giving up and reaching our goals. The children learned a dance routine to the song 'The Power of Yet' and performed it during Celebration Assembly.