Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

At St Joseph's, we want children to be able to REACH in all that they do and be the best that they can be.  We understand that from time to time children and families need help to make sure that they stay mentally well. 
If you need feel worried about your child's mental wellbeing, please contact our Pastoral Lead - Paula Freckleton.
Today, we shared a poem that was written for our lovely St Joe's children during Celebration Assembly. This was written to express how extremely proud we are of all each and every one of them - it's been a very different year  and they have all shown such a strength of character!
From St Joseph’s Staff to all our Wonderful Children 
You might think you need to be a superhero to wear a big, shiny cape,
Tied tightly around your shoulders sitting proudly on your nape,
Have fantastic superpowers that will let you fly high,
With such inner strength that you should never feel the need to cry.
But you have been our little heroes whilst spending so much time at home,
Loved ones who have been shielding have known that they are not alone,
With your thoughtfulness and kindness they have felt how much you care,
How perfectly wonderful that our reward will be time to share.
So, let your cape of kindness that has kept your loved one’s safe,
Wrap around you tightly and comfort you in our place,
Let us help you on your journey whilst you continue to fly high
And be your absolutely lovely self as you REACH up towards the sky.
01 April 2021
Useful Numbers and Websites
  • CAMHS helpline for parents concerned about their child’s mental health 01452 894300 or Click here
  • A Parent helpline is being run by Family Information Service 0800 5420202.
  • The Door - Whether you need help with the practicalities of being a parent, specific advice around an issue affecting your family, or simply need a listening ear 01453 756754.
  • TIC+ (teens in crisis)offers support for the whole family, via phone or text - Click here
  • You can also access support at ClosFamilies - click here for more information
  • Barnardos - click here
  • Childline - click here
Are you worried or concerned about anyone under 18?
If you are worried or concerned about anyone under 18 who you think is being abused or neglected, or that a child and their family need help and support, please contact The Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) on 01452 426565. Or ring 999 in an emergency.
Online Safety
Online safety resource Childnet has updated it’s online safety leaflets for talking about and embedding online safety. For the resources please go to childnet
The COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Fund
This provides emergency assistance for food and essential supplies is there to support people in Gloucestershire during the challenging and unprecedented times of the coronavirus outbreak. Individuals can self refer or be referred by any professionals working with them. Previous requests have been for financial help towards utilities, food and essential household items. For an application form please go to:- Emergency Assistance Grant
COVID 19 Wellbeing Support
The Government have detailed how parents and carers can support children's mental health during this pandemic. For more information please go to:-  Supporting children's mental health during COVID
Facts 4 Life have some activities that aim to provide opportunities to explore medical themes and reassure young people (and their families around them) as they live through these unsettling times. They are designed to encourage self-care and support wellbeing, but importantly to be fun and engaging.
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If your child is struggling with anxiety, help them to stay CALM:
Calm down breathingBreath in for 3 seconds, Hold for 3 seconds and Breath out for 3 seconds (TIP – use your index finger to create the triangle on your hand). Do this when you start to feel your breathing getting quicker or your brain starting to tingle)
Activity Try running on the spot, around the garden, trampoline, cycling, walking or any sport you enjoy!
Let it go Breath out your worries using colours – (close your eyes picture your anxiety as a colour – what colour is it? Close your eyes again and picture what colour calm might be. Then breath out the colour of your anxiety and breath in your calm colour – Now use the worry tree to think about what to do with your worry. https://www.elsa-support.co.uk/the-worry-tree/ Mind full of positive thoughts – Remember to think of any good things that have happened in the day – maybe you had saw somebody you haven’t seen for a while, heard something funny or if I showed kindness towards somebody else.
Mind full of positive thoughts – Remember to think of any good things that have happened in the day – maybe you had saw somebody you haven’t seen for a while, heard something funny or if I showed kindness towards somebody else.
Wellbeing Apps
The NHS have put together a list of Wellbeing Apps which may be suitable for you or a family member - please click here to explore them.