Spring Term 1 (2021 - 2022)

Week 7

After designing their final bread product in design technology last week, the children created a sweet and savoury roll this week. We had so much fun baking together and then trying and comparing the flavours. We wrote up our findings in our product evaluation and orally recalled the process of making bread rolls. The children set high expectations of themselves and were really pleased with their baking results. 
Week 6 

This term the children have been taught to play hockey in P.E by Montagu Academy. It’s been amazing watching their skills and confidence develop over the last few weeks. The children can use technical language to explain the Sport and some of them even have aspirations to continue their learning outside of school. Well done Year 3!
Week 5
Dear diary… In Literacy this week, the children have been learning about features of a diary entry. They then created actions to retell their own diary entry. The children confidently retold the recount and then wrote it in their big write lesson. Mrs Hobbs is really proud of how much effort the children put into improving their handwriting this week. They really are REACHing in Literacy! 
Week 4
In music this term, the children are learning to play the glockenspiel. Mrs Hobbs is so impressed with their resilience whilst learning this instrument as well as their confidence when performing what they have learnt back to the class. Everyone has been enjoying these lessons and this week, the children played a duet and sang along with their musical accompaniment. 
Week 3
This week in outdoor learning we were preparing for the Big Garden Birdwatch (BGB). The class made bird feeders out of apples and sunflower seeds and hung them around the school grounds to attract the birds to our area. The children were showing empathy, discussing why it’s important that people have bird feeders as birds struggle to find food in the winter. 
Week 2 
Bread sample tasting! We had a fantastic afternoon in design technology this week. We studied the history of Warburtons brand and even finished the lesson sampling some of their bread based products. We voted on our favourites and discussed their flavours, textures and ingredients. Year 3 were all confident and brave, having a go at trying something new and forming reasonable opinions and comparisons. 
Week 1 

Shelter building! This week in outdoor learning the children designed and created shelters outside on the school field. They had to work as a team to design a shelter that would be suitable in every weather condition (rain and wind etc). They set their expectations high and produced some innovative designs.