Autumn Term 1 (2020-2021)

Autumn 1, Week 7
This week we learned all about flowers! Our focused text was 'Sam's Sunflower' by Jillian Powell. We discussed each part of the flower, learned what each part does and labelled them all using the key words! We know what flowers need to grow healthily.
During Independent Learning time we were given the opportunity to explore the planting resources and were able to use the language we know about plants and flowers to talk about what we were doing.
Autumn 1, Week 6
This week Year One looked at the focused text 'Jasper's Beanstalk' and discussed how beans grow. We watched a time lapse video, showing us a bean growing and then used toys and labels to show the stages of a growing bean. We know what beans need to grow healthily and we were lucky enough to plant our own!
We used our imagination and wrote some super sentences about what we thought would be at the top of our beanstalk and we built beanstalks using Lego and Stickle Bricks. We then painted our hands green and made our very own beanstalk to display on our topic board!
Autumn 1, Week 5
This week, the Year One children have been looking at mini-beasts. On Monday they created a Bug Hotel in our garden in the hope that they can observe the mini beasts that come along!
Year One focused on the text 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle and learned about the life cycle of a Butterfly. They then produced this life cycle using pasta! 
The song 'There's a tiny Caterpillar' was another creative way in which we reinforced the life cycle.
Autumn 1, Week 4
This week in Year One, our focus has been on grouping and classifying animals. We learned the definitions of the terms 'Carnivore', 'Herbivore' and 'Omnivore', and were able to give examples of animals within each category. We read 'The Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson and decided that the Gruffalo (if he was a real animal) would have been a carnivore and that the mouse is a omnivore. We have practised developing our fine and gross motor skills through activities such as adding purple prickles onto the Gruffalo's back and writing our names, ensuring correct formation of every letter.
Autumn 1, Week 3
In Literacy this week, Year One has been looking at the text 'Brown Bear Brown Bear' by Eric Carle, focusing on the repeated phrasing in the story. The children learned the text, created actions and thought about imaginative ways the story could be changed.
The video shows how much fun they had performing the story to each other!
Autumn 1, Week 2
The topic theme this term is 'Planet Earth'. Linked to Creation, the children in Year 1 are investigating the world around them. This week, we have been looking at amphibians! Our focused text was 'Look out for the Big Bad Fish' by Sheridan Cain and Tanya Linch. We listened to this story and had fun learning the life cycle of a frog. We named each stage of this life cycle. We know what an amphibian is and have compared them to fish.
We have looked at the primary colours - red, yellow, blue and discussed how to make green. We explored this by mixing paint to create different shades.

We enjoyed using the sensory tray to explore the life cycle of a frog and used the word cards and images to discuss each stage. The water beads were lovely to touch and looked just like frogspawn! We enjoyed looking through a range of frog related books - both fiction and non-fiction!