Summer Term 1 2023

Week commencing 22/5/23

Another busy week in Year 6. They will all be busy until the end of the year now! We have been using our resilience and working hard on dance numbers such as ‘Consider Yourself’ and ‘Food Glorious Food’; the children showed Mrs Howells today – she was very impressed with our progress! Sarah and I are so pleased with how well the children are listening and joining in truly being the best that they can be – many have even learnt their words by heart already! This helps us to be able to direct them and work on their confidence, movement and performance, so please encourage them to practise over the half term break.

In Maths, we have been carrying on with our ‘Moving On Up’ project which aims to revisit all the areas of Maths before the children go off to secondary school. We have focused on place value and negative numbers so far.

Their writing this week has blown me away! We have been very empathetic, writing in character as someone else and have been imagining his or her feelings. Their diary entries have incorporated all of the skills that they have covered at St Joseph’s and it has been a pleasure to read them.

We had three very different visitors in this week too! Miss Hall came in with beautiful baby Isla to meet the children and PCSO Hannah came in to talk to the class about Drugs and Peer Pressure - the class asked Hannah lots of relevant questions and listened incredibly well. 

Have a lovely holiday everyone – I can wait to see you ready for the last term at St Joe’s!!!

Week commencing 15/5/23

What a week! Year 6 have blown me away by how well they have managed this week with so many different activities they have had to be resilient and have high expectations of themselves. We have had bike ability all week and the children who did this really impressed the instructors with their ability to listen and develop their techniques. They all received a certificate this afternoon with a message on it as well as a badge, which they have already received.

So our play… Oliver! Rehearsals are well underway and many people blew Sarah and me away with their amazing auditions on Monday; they were confident and keen to show their skills. It was a very tough decision but the children were resilient. Everyone will be involved in the show whether they have an acting role, or are singing or dancing – it’s a show for all of Year 6.

We have started to think about our Make £5 Grow enterprise project today. The children played a game, which encouraged them to think about how to manage money. The whole project is a great way to develop their ability to work as a team and consider how to save and spend wisely. I know that they will be able to show all of their REACH values by doing this project.

Week commencing 8/5/23
Wow what a week! The children were truly REACHing in all they did and pushed themselves to be the best that they could be during their SATS tests. I was so proud of all of St David's class and so thankful to all the staff that helped and supported them throughout the week. Also, on a side note, the breakfasts were epic again!
Friday we enjoyed the Coronation Celebration and our show reveal. This year we are doing ... Oliver! I can't wait to get started and Sarah (from Dazzle) will be working with us again this year to put on and incredible show. Auditions are Monday!

Week commencing 1/5/23

Blog post written by Jasmine (who ran out of time!) and Mrs Knight

Jasmine - On Tuesday, we were learning the French vocabulary for the many different types of weather. This week in Great Dreams we have been thinking about the 5 ways of wellbeing and especially active and connect.

Mrs Knight – The class have worked hard this week in preparation for their SATS whether it was through independent work, quizzes, paired tasks of whole class activities, they have been the best that they can be and pushed themselves through faith, hope and love. I am very proud of them. I hope that they all enjoy a relaxing weekend and come back ready for the SATS next week.

Week commencing 24th April 2023

Written by Edith

Reading with year 4

On Friday this week, we got our books and read our flashback stories to year 4 while they read their magic stories. It was fascinating to see their work!

SATS practice

Throughout the week, we have been doing a spag test on . Many people are finished but some need to finish and then see where they can improve.


In maths, we have been doing pie charts and line graphs. It is fun when we do the drawings but it is also a little difficult which is good.


In Science, we have been classifying different things to different groups - we have looked at animals and food.

UN rights for children

In our REACH activity, we have done the rights for children and what they need and they are meant to have across the world.

Week commencing 17/4/23

Blog written by Lorry and Gus

This week in we have enjoyed doing a pretend letter to Mr. Nick Knowles who is a TV presenter from DIY SOS. It was very fun to write.

In science we have been sorting shoes into different categories by classifying the types of shoes, it was very fun to draw and think of all our shoes that we own.

The Nature quiz was unique and interesting. Unfortunately, we lost the quiz by two points, and the other school were the champions. Nevertheless, it was all still very fun to do.

We have been doing a REACH project linked to children’s rights. On Friday 21st, we did our first lesson.

Before the Easter holidays, we were working on algebra at first we found it quite hard to do because it was all new but now we have got the hang of it.