Citizenship Skills

Citizenship Skills
Together, let's grow!  When you practice Kindness, Confidence, Resilience and Curiosity at break and lunchtimes, you will reach milestones, earning your name on leaves that will be placed on our Citizenship Tree, a gold Good Citizenship pencil, badges and other treats such as a Hot Chocolate and Biscuit Break with Mrs Howells.
Weekly Wellness Check In
Practicing our Citizenship Skills (Kindness, Confidence, Resilience and Curiosity)
is good for our wellbeing - Tell us  what you have been doing in your weekly check in with:
Giving -         Do something for someone
Relating -      Think about other people’s feelings
Exercising -   Do something energetic
Awareness -  Try to learn something new
Trying out -   Try something different  
Direction -    Think of something you want to do
Resilience -   Bounce back when something doesn’t go right
Emotions -    Think about what is good in your life
Acceptance - You are unique—be kind to yourself
Meaning -      Do something nice with your family or friends
Ways to Wellbeing - July 2022
Try to complete all of the activities below... keep a diary and share what you have done in our Citizenship Skills Assembly. 
At Lunchtimes and playtimes:- 
Wellness Prayer
Dear Lord,
I pray that you will continue to develop in me the graces that create emotional wellness,
Help me care for my body and mind to keep it strong,
Guide me to use and express my emotions in appropriate and healthy ways,
And prevent me from acting before I think,
A Poem for our Wonderful children who have accomplished so much - We are so very proud of each and every one of you.
You might think you need to be a superhero to wear a big, shiny cape,
Tied tightly around your shoulders sitting proudly on your nape,
Have fantastic superpowers that will let you fly high,
With such inner strength that you should never feel the need to cry.
But you have been our little heroes whilst spending so much time at home,
Loved ones who have been shielding have known that they are not alone,
With your thoughtfulness and kindness they have felt how much you care,
How perfectly wonderful that our reward will be time to share.
So, let your cape of kindness that has kept your loved one’s safe,
Wrap around you tightly and comfort you in our place,
Let us help you on your journey whilst you continue to fly high,
And be your absolutely lovely self as you REACH up towards the sky.
1 April 2021