Autumn Term 2 (2021 - 2022)

Week 5


Fabulous Fire! This week in outdoor learning we went back in time once more and as the mists lifted from the fields, we gathered around a morning fire. We thought about what it would take for our Neolithic ancestors to light their daily fire and how we can keep ourselves safe around it. We discovered that our ancestors would have had to have been very organised as finding dry firewood on a damp morning is quite a challenge!


We have also been amazing adventure writers for our Big Write this week and woolly mammoth washers! We used actions to learn the instructions for this ‘mammoth’ task!

Week 3
Cave painting! This week in outdoor learning the children have been transported back in time before the invention of paints and paintbrushes and they imagined what it would be like to be artists in the Stone Age… They created their own style of cave paintings and models using natural art resources: mud, water, sticks, leaves etc. 
The children have had a fantastic time showing curiosity and creativity and setting high expectations of themselves to re-create something they had learnt about in History. 
Week 2
We're a poet and we know it! Last week the children took part in Stroud Literature Festival's virtual event. The children in Year 3 watched Alex Wharton share poems from his new poetry book 'Daydreams and Jellybeans.' The children found them hilarious, thought-provoking and fully engaged with the session. As homework this week the children were set a task by Alex Wharton to write a poem about having super powers. The children did a fantastic job and wrote some wonderful poems! It was fantastic to hear so many of them having aspirations to become authors and poets themselves one day; some children have even started to write their own books at home! 
Week 1
Welcome to the Stone Age… This term our topic is Stone Age to Iron Age. The children are so excited for this unit! We began the first week back by having a topic day where the children dressed up and took part in practical activities! We had a fantastic day learning so many new things thanks to ‘Off the page’ who virtually led us through pre-history with their videos, creative challenges and live Q&A session. It has been brilliant to see the children’s curiosity and intrigue. What a fantastic start to the term!